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5 Ways to Give Thanks and Give Back at Work Start a new tradition of 'career letters,' to express gratitude for what's good your work life.

By Donna Morris Edited by Dan Bova

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As Thanksgiving approaches here in the United States, many of us look ahead to the end of the year and the fading tradition of holiday cards and letters. Generations before us sent them to family, friends and valued associates as a way to update those individuals on their lives.

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While such communications are less common today, those of us who do write "holiday letters" continue to fill them with highlights from the year: the addition of new family members (including adored pets), that annual vacation we took and notable milestones. On occasion, cards may include the mention of a new job or career change. But, how many of us also pause to reflect on a place where we spend so much of our time and energy during the year -- work?

It may be time, then, for a new career tradition -- one where we give thanks for all that's good in our job and place of employment. Here are five ideas to start:

1. Note the noteworthy.

Commonly, holiday letters celebrate our children's accomplishments or our vacations. What would our "career letter" say, in addition? Write down every win you can think of, large and small: What new skills have you built? What relationships have you improved? What moments stand out as big "wins"? Sometimes we move too fast past these successes; the holidays are the perfect time to pause and let ourselves feel really good about those wins.

2. Reflect on the good.

This season of cheer is a great time to reflect on the things you enjoy at work: the fun co-worker, the challenging project, the manageable commute. Whatever it is for you, give yourself time to celebrate the good and add some big-picture perspective to the minor day-to-day complaints we all have.

3. Say thanks.

Now is a great time to tell your colleagues you appreciate them, and why. Who are the unsung heroes that make your workplace special, or look out for you in big and small ways? Maybe it's the receptionist, the cafeteria worker, the parking garage attendant or the mailroom clerk. Take time out to appreciate and thank those individuals who make your work day better.

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4. Give back.

Work is a terrific place to donate your time to others. It can be organized, in a form such as a team-building event for charity, and it can also be informal and unexpected. Mentor someone junior to you, take a new person out to lunch or reach out to someone you've had a conflict with in the past. There is an old saying, "The more you give, the more you get." Try practicing that adage, and see how much joy you receive from giving.

5. Rest and recharge.

While it's great to give to others, don't forget yourself. Unplug from your devices for a while, take a walk, go see a movie and reconnect with friends and family. Health and happiness feed career success in ways that we don't always realize. You'll be rested and ready for some New Year's resolutions (which I'll write about next!)

My best wishes to you for a safe and happy holiday season, at home and at work.

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Donna Morris

Adobe - Senior Vice President, Global People and Places

As Adobe's senior vice president of global people and places, Donna Morris leads an organization focused on driving the company’s workforce strategy including talent acquisition, development, rewards and workplace experience for approximately 13,000 Adobe employees worldwide. During her career, she has led both generalist and specialist human resources functions in the high technology, communications and government fields.

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