5 Ways to Hire With the Company Vision in Mind

Finding candidates who can seamlessly align themselves with the company mission isn't always easy. Follow these steps to find the best fit.

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By Andre Lavoie

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Job candidates who fit the job description are a dime a dozen. Qualified candidates who are a cultural fit, as well as a great job fit, are not always as easy to come by. That being said, there's nothing more vital to the success of an organization than bringing the right people on board -- that means hiring with the company vision in mind.

In an effort to find talent that will fit well with the company's unique culture and mission, employers should try the following when hiring new employees:

1. Beef up job descriptions

Vague job descriptions tend to attract a myriad of applicants, which isn't always a good thing. To better find candidates who can align themselves with the company mission, it's essential to provide job seekers with a detailed, honest description of all aspects of the position and the company. In addition to a summary of the position, job descriptions should include the role within the organization, working conditions, background information on the company, as well as info on the unique cultural aspects of the company.

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Job descriptions can serve as a candidate's first impression of an organization, so they should positively reflect the company and job, in order to attract the best candidates. To make sure job descriptions are accurate and appealing, try conducting an evaluation with current employees. Their feedback on the job descriptions that led them to apply can be helpful in tailoring future job postings.

2. Be transparent with candidates

Sugar-coating or exaggerating the responsibilities of the role could attract the wrong candidates. Instead, aim to be as transparent as possible across all mediums -- job descriptions, social platforms and the interview.

Hiring employees, who can successfully adopt the company mission as their own, requires employers to define the company's principles, values and goals early on in the hiring process. Clear communication about where the company is going, and how they're going to get there is the key to hiring and developing employees who will be set on the path to success.

3. Ask the right questions

The interview gives employers the chance to really determine if a candidate will be a good cultural fit, in addition to being qualified for the job. Asking the right questions can make hiring someone, who will strive to work toward the company mission, a little easier. Use data from the reviews of top performers in your organization to craft an candidate experience that specifically evaluates for potential in the role.

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Additionally, ask questions pertaining to company culture such as, "In what type of work environment or culture are you most productive and happy?" "What is your personal mission statement?" or "What did you enjoy most about the last place you worked? What did you enjoy least?" Answers to questions such as these will give insight to whether the candidate can successfully adapt to the company culture, and pursue the overall goals of the organization.

4. Have a strong social-media presence

Maintaining a strong social presence and engaging people on social media reflects well on a company. Social-media platforms provide companies with a great opportunity to attract job candidates, by giving users a look inside of the company -- what the company and its people are all about.

Not only are employers using social media to gain insight on candidates but, according to a 2013 CareerBuilder candidate behavior study of more than 5,000 workers, 62 percent of job seekers check companies out on social media to make sure what they're "selling them" online is true. All the more reason to market your employment brand and culture on various social channels.

5. Meet with candidates informally

When possible, try meeting with top job candidates in an informal setting after the interview has taken place. It can be hugely beneficial to invite candidates to attend a professional development or fundraising event, or even have them participate in a team meeting. Doing so will give employers the opportunity to assess candidate behavior in a more relaxed, work-related environment. Additionally, employers can see how the candidate interacts (or doesn't interact) with other industry professionals.

How does your organization hire employees who can align themselves with the company mission? Please share your tips in the comment section below.

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