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6 Books to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution These great reads can help you stick to the plan when times get tough.

By Entrepreneur Staff

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1. Career Rehab by Kanika Tolver

This book, by professional career and life coach Kanika Tolver, gives you the tools to build the career and life you really want. How? She teaches you to brand yourself like a product, leave behind the things you don't love, identify the best path forward, and build a career around what you're passionate about. As a new year begins, there's never a better time to build a new you. Buy it here.

2. Build for Tomorrow by Jason Feifer

You can't control what happens tomorrow. But you can prepare for it today. That's the central message of this book, by Entrepreneur magazine editor in chief Jason Feifer, who explains how the most successful entrepreneurs stopped fearing change — and started to use it to their advantage. He guides readers through how to develop flexible missions for themselves, to reframe failure as data, to identify gain where others see loss, and to move forward fearlessly. Buy it here.

3. The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz cofounder Ben Horowitz writes about the importance of making difficult decisions, and how to do so effectively. This book empowers you to make the tough calls, even when outcomes are uncertain or unpopular — because as Horowitz himself learned as the leader of several successful startups, the key to success is staying nimble, adaptable, and facing down the hardest things. Buy it here.

4. Bigger, Better, Bolder by Jennifer Cohen

Fortune favors the bold, as they say. It's why bold people have more satisfying relationships, higher self esteem, and greater career success. But motivational coach Jennifer Cohen says they're not part of an exclusive club: Boldness is a skill that can be developed, and in this book, she explains how. She reveals how bold people work to overcome their fears now, and gives tactical tools to develop the bold habits that'll open doors for you tomorrow. Buy it here.

5. You are Radically Loved by Rosie Acosta

Entrepreneurs drive themselves so hard, they rarely step back to take care of themselves. But they must — and Rosie Acosta's book shows them how. Acosta is the award-wining host of the Radically Loved podcast, who discovered wellness and meditation after a rough upbringing in East L.A. in the nineties. Now, with this easy and accessible guide, she shows everyone how to care for themselves, and to become the person they were meant to be. Buy it here.

6. The Third Door by Alex Banayan

How did the world's most successful people break through? That's what Alex Banayan set out to discover as a teenager — and after convincing the likes of Bill Gates and Lady Gaga to sit down and explain it to him, he shared the answer in this best-selling book. It is this: They all took "the third door" — which is to say, the path that nobody else saw available, and that required more grit and determination than most other people have. Then Banayan explains how to find it yourself. Buy it here.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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