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Enjoy the Outdoors and Social Distance With This Ingenious Camping Add-On for Your Car

CARSULE gives you a living room out in the wild.

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Life may look a little different right now but as summer approaches and the great outdoors beckon, things should start to return to normal. Nobody can stop you from social distancing in the wild. As parks and public areas open back up, now's a great time to get your camping gear in order for the months to come. And if you're a road tripper who doesn't necessarily want to stay just in campsites, then the CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin is for you.

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Most tents are meant for sleeping and finding shelter. CARSULE is designed to give you a living room in the great outdoors. Made for cars that have an up-swinging tailgate, CARSULE is extremely easy to install and pack back up, giving you a space to sleep, sit, eat, play games, and more without ever really leaving your car. The cubic shape offers a two-meter standing height, giving you plenty of room to move about. Plus its expansible space allows for practically unlimited configuration according to your needs and, with the included guy rope, it can withstand strong breezes in the wild.

CARSULE's adaptive seal enables it to latch onto a wide variety of car models, so even if yours isn't a perfect fit, you can still connect. Inside, diagonal ceiling tension lines prevent shear deformation while doubling as a spot to hang accessories or clothes. CARSULE is so convenient, it raised more than $17,000 on Kickstarter. And has there ever been a more perfect moment to invest in your summer road trip gear?

Get outside and get lost in comfort this summer. CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin is ordinarily $379 but you can save 20 percent off when you get it for $299.99 today.

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