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I Found a Simple Way to De-stress During the Busiest Workdays: Rhythm Therapy With Lyric, you can relax and refocus in just three minutes.

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Written by Lauren Forgione

You're no stranger to the challenge of finding work-life balance. Busy professionals, especially solopreneurs, can find it extremely hard to step away from their business, falling into patterns that include skipping meals and answering emails at 2 a.m. And this time of year? Well, you're likely still reeling from your most hectic period and combing through Q4 data for insights—that holiday season stress has not calmed down, but you need mental clarity more than ever so you can analyze your brand's performance and make adjustments for the next four quarters. Now you're on the brink of burnout.

I'm in the same boat and have been for years. I thought about resolving to finally break out of the hustle-culture mentality, but that's just unrealistic and who needs a source of more stress? Instead, I'm looking for ways to relax and refocus throughout the day that won't take up a ton of time yet are effective. One hack? I'm getting a lot of mileage out of wellness teas, placebo effect or not. But for real-deal stress and tension relief, I found a secret weapon: Lyric Rhythm Therapy.

Based on vibroacoustic science—essentially, the wisdom that rhythm is deeply human and connected to the body's ability to relax, calm, renew and invigorate itself—this massage treatment uses a wave-like pattern that mimics naturally occurring rhythms that have a profound effect on the body and mind, temporarily relieving minor muscle pain, shifting stress, and positively affecting emotions. Think of it like Mozart for muscles.

So what does Lyric do?

Lyric delivers this rhythmic percussion massage through an intuitive user experience. Most of the devices you're likely familiar with—those bulky, loud, aggressive massage guns—offer only a mono-frequency or "flat-line" experience. It's much more than a massage gun.

If operating a Rhythm Therapy device sounds complicated, or if massage treatment sounds time-consuming, you'll be glad to know that neither is true.

You can set up Lyric in less than 10 minutes (it arrives charged) with its easy-to-use full-color video touchscreen guide that leads you through the process, including connecting it to your Wi-Fi network. As the first Wi-Fi-connected massage device, Lyric can easily be updated, ensuring you have access to all the latest massage programs.

Once it's ready to go, choose whichever attachment head you prefer (there are four to choose from), and then you'll be able to use the touchscreen for step-by-step, timed treatments from a range of options including Calm, Energy, and Pain Relief. Each category offers both guided programs and freestyle massage, though both will use Rhythm Therapy. There's also a Level option if you want that flatline experience.

Customizing your Rhythm Therapy treatment.

Go with a guided program if you want a quick, targeted routine to achieve a specific goal. It's incredibly easy: Just follow the instructions on the screen that show you exactly where to direct the massager and let Lyric do its thing. The built-in timer functions similarly to many electric toothbrushes, pausing in between sections so you have a moment to move Lyric to the next body part—no need to fumble with your phone and the massager. The whole thing takes as little as three minutes, and you'll be surprised by how effective these programs are.

During my workday, I've used Lyric a few different ways. When I'm getting overwhelmed, the Calm program gets me recentered, fast. Afternoon lethargy? The Energy massage brings me back to life without affecting my sleep the way slamming a cup of coffee would. Both options help me refocus and get things done, while taking up only a few minutes at a time. If you can't find space in your day for a three-minute break, you may be beyond whatever help Rhythm Therapy can offer—maybe get an intern?

The freestyle treatment option is great when you have a bit more time. I love Pain Relief freestyle for "after work" (is there ever really an "after"?) to target the never-ending strain and tension in my shoulders, neck, and back. I'll typically rotate through all four of the attachments for this to try and really get into the fascia. It's especially convenient because I can somewhat mindlessly run it while heating up dinner or attempting to watch TV, relying on Lyric's technology to do the thinking for me. Of course, Lyric is designed so you can immerse yourself in self-care, but it's good to know we workaholics can benefit too.

With the freestyle rhythm massage, there are no guides as far as where to use Lyric and for how long; the wave-like massage will run in its varying patterns until you tell it to stop. For both freestyle and guided, you can choose from three levels of intensity that are easy to flip through with the large button on Lyric's sleek handle. One note of warning: It's actually so easy to hit this button that I've accidentally jacked up the intensity a few times. If you're working on a particularly sore area, be mindful.

Speaking of sleek, this thing is designed to be looked at. I keep mine out on my desk and it manages to both blend right in and serve as a conversation starter for the more detail-oriented visitors to my office. It hardly takes up any space, it's lightweight enough that my arm doesn't get tired while using it, and if I wanted to pack it for a trip, it wouldn't be cumbersome.

Lyric's future added value.

As mentioned earlier, its Wi-Fi connectivity means you'll be able to keep Lyric updated for the duration of its life. Soon, the company is releasing an iOS and Android companion app that will offer a library of wellness that you'll be able to upload to the device, further personalizing your massage treatment experience and continuing to add value to your initial investment.

Right now, you can get your Lyric in a choice of five colors, with free shipping and a free extended warranty. Take your wellness journey to the next level with Lyric Rhythm Therapy.


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