The Direct-to-Consumer Watch Brand Offering Exceptionally Crafted Watches at an Accessible Price

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Vincero Watches

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When Tim Nybo, Aaron Hallerman, and Sean Agatep graduated college nearly a decade ago, they did so in the aftermath of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. As such, they took the logical next step of booking three one-way tickets to Guangzhou, China, despite having no knowledge of the native language, self-described "subpar" chopstick skills, and just a few thousand dollars between them.

It was abroad, in that port city on the Pearl River, where the trio decided that they were fed up with the societal and cultural emphasis on charging exorbitant amounts of money for quality goods that were hardly unique in design. They were tired of settling for mass-produced timepieces that didn't do any justice to the wearer's distinct story. Above all, they wanted to make products that were bold and exceptionally crafted, yet accessible and fairly priced.

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They co-founded a brand called Vincero's and in 2014 their handmade watches hit the market with the ambitious goal of helping wearers' live their legacy.

Named after the assertive Italian phrase meaning, "I will win," Vincero designs watches for bold, adventure-seeking entrepreneurs who want to make a statement not just with their style, but with their ambitions. To fulfill this mission, their team has spent years seeking out and building relationships with leading factories around the world to make certain their pieces' quality is prioritized throughout the entire craftsmanship process.

Vincero also works with these factories' owners and employees to source the high-quality materials that go into every piece, including elegant watch movements from Japan; supple, sustainable leather and historic marble from Italy; as well as sapphire glass and surgical-grade stainless steel from China. As such, Vincero watches go beyond functionality to elevate their wearers' game with an uncompromising experience.

But that's not to say Vincero has left its customers in the dust. In reality, their approach is quite the opposite: Besides welcoming their feedback, Vincero actively seeks out customers' opinions so that their designs are always being refined.

Now, these meticulous processes of sourcing, designing, and crafting Vincero watches would be pointless if its team's relentless pursuit of quality stopped as soon as the pieces came off the line. That's why Vincero employs a full-time quality-control team to hand-check every watch they make and enlists the expertise of an in-house service team.

Such statement-making pieces would normally cost thousands of dollars apiece. But because Vincero sells its products direct to their consumers, they're able to avoid absurd markups on their watches so you can get that sophisticated experience without a six-figure salary. Whether you wear a Vincero watch to a pitch meeting with a new client, a sit-down with a potential investor, or just to happy hour with your coworkers, rest assured your timepiece will authentically reflect your fearless, fervent self.

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