These Pillows Support Relaxation In All Aspects of Your Life Sleep begins with comfort and a quality pillow.

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Finding time to relax as an entrepreneur can feel like a project in itself, especially if you're one of nearly 70 million Americans with a sleep disorder. With so much running through your mind all the time, it's difficult to get relaxed enough to drift into a restful, rejuvenating sleep — especially if you're on the road. Fortunately, MODVEL has a line of pillows designed for every body and every situation to help you get your much-needed rest whenever you need. Check out their models currently on sale.


MODVEL Compact Travel Outdoor Pillow

Designed for travel and camping, this memory foam pillow provides elite comfort for your neck and back, especially when you're sleeping somewhere new. The premium cloth and lycra fabrics create a warm side and a cool side, while the intelligent design allows the pillow to fold into itself. That compressible design makes it perfect for travel.

Get the MODVEL Compact Travel Outdoor Pillow for $17.99 (reg. $23), a savings of 25%.


MODVEL Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Recovering from an injury can make getting a good night's rest difficult. Give yourself a bit of extra support with this ergonomically designed pillow (rated 4.2/5 stars on Amazon) that aligns your spine, hips, and knees to keep a straight and comfortable sleeping position. The soft velvet outer cover ensures you enjoy extended comfort and softness.

Get the MODVEL Orthopedic Knee Pillow for $19.99 (reg. $29), a savings of 33%.


MODVEL Luxury Cool Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

Get to sleep faster and stay asleep through the night with this cooling memory foam pillow. It offers thermo-regulating technology to dissipate heat while the cooling gel sides help you stay cool even on hot summer nights. Plus, the bamboo cover that protects the pillow also gives you a super smooth and relaxing surface for your face.

Get the MODVEL Luxury Cool Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover for $21.99 (reg. $34), a savings of 37%.


MODVEL Crib Wedge Pillow

Got a new baby at home making it difficult to focus on your work? This wedge pillow has a 12º incline that will help elevate your baby's head and torso for the perfect posture. The comfortable pillow will help ease your baby off to sleep while the waterproof cover protects the pillow from anything that might come out of your baby.

Get the MODVEL Crib Wedge Pillow for $22.99 (reg. $29), a savings of 23%.


MODVEL Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Support your posture while spending hours in your office chair. This pillow has a contoured butterfly design that molds to the shape of your bottom for superior support while the arc cupped indent disperses pressure and the downward flute reduces pressure on your coccyx. It's a delicately engineered pillow to provide maximum support while allowing your body to sink in and get comfortable.

Get the MODVEL Memory Foam Seat Cushion for $25.99 (reg. $32), a savings of 21%.


MODVEL Lower Back Cushion

If you need a little extra support while sitting at your desk all day, look no further than this lower back cushion. It's made of memory foam to gently form to your body while providing extra support. It also features a posture corrector, breathable fabric, and a heat responsive technology that provides the optimal density of cushioning for truly custom support.

Get the MODVEL Lower Back Cushion for $25.99 (reg. $34), a savings of 25%.


MODVEL Deluxe Shiatsu Heating Pillow

The ultimate pillow to help you relax at the end of a long day, this Shiatsu pillow has four buttons to control the massage and heat functions. The heated feature helps muscles relax faster, loosens up knots and trigger points, improves blood circulation, and enhances muscle mobility and flexibility. Plus, it's fully portable.

Get the MODVEL Deluxe Shiatsu Heating Pillow for $34.99 (reg. $49), a savings of 30%.

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