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Treat Your Snoring with This Tech-Savvy Device

This clever device uses micro-vibrations to stop your snoring.

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Most of us love sleep. As such, most of us hate when we can't get to sleep. It's not only annoying, but a lack of sleep can have deleterious effects on your business. Not only will a lack of sleep make you moody and less productive, but if you've been waking yourself up (or a partner has been waking you up) with the sound of snores, you're probably suffering some psychological torment, too.


Treat snoring once and for all. Right now, you can get the Snore Earset E4 Anti-Snoring Device for 37 percent off $99 at just $61.95.

This physical anti-snoring device was developed to address the principle of snoring at the root of the problem. Using an intelligent snore recognition system, the E4 activates a patented anti-snoring algorithm to accurately determine the user's snoring indexes, the company says. Once it detects snoring, E4 physically intervenes by sending micro-vibrations to the nerve center of the brain, commanding it to tighten the throat muscles, thereby opening the airway to make breathing smoother. Before you know it, the snoring is reduced or stopped completely, ensuring an undisturbed sleep for both you and your partner.

The E4 is completely adjustable, with 36 levels of intervention that you can change through the companion app to find the right level for your particular snoring problem. It's also designed for a comfortable, all-night fit on all kinds of sleepers. The Sleeplus app also displays snore intervention, and sleep data so you can track how it's working. Finally, the E4 uses just a one-button function so it's extremely easy to set up before you go to bed each night.

Nip the snoring problem in the bud. Get the Snore Earset E4 Anti-Snoring Device while it's on sale for a limited-time price of just $61.95.

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