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Why Blue-Light-Blocking Frames Are Smart to Use in the Work-From-Home Era

Considering our entire day revolves around some artificial source of light, most of us feel the side effects of blue light exposure on a daily basis.

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Ever wonder what Night Shift mode does to your phone, aside from giving your screen a yellowish hue? Settings like Night Shift block blue light emission, the types of wavelengths that are at the higher end of the light spectrum, right before UV.

Felix Gray

While there's nothing wrong with getting blue light in small amounts (after all, it's found all around us in nature as well as via our tech devices), research suggests there could be a negative impact of overloading on blue light, namely on sleeping. This short wavelength can stimulate energy, so much so that our bodies may associate blue light with daytime. That means the longer you're looking at your computer or smartphone, the harder it will be for you to get to bed at night.

Considering many of us have to work at least eight hours a day on our laptops, we unwind by watching shows on Netflix, and we keep in touch with our loved ones over FaceTime, it's easy to see why most of us will feel the side effects of blue light exposure now more than ever.

For the masses of us who can't quit a day's worth of work or entertainment (especially in this day and age of social distancing), blue-light-blocking glasses can at least help make your screen time healthier.

These designs, which have been made popular by direct-to-consumer eyewear labels like Felix Gray, block out any harmful light that could be getting in the way of our shuteye or straining our pupils. For instance, all of Felix Gray's designs offer blue-light protection, as well as glare protection, which when combined, give users the full spectrum of protection against a host of issues that could cause eye fatigue, discomfort, headache, blurry vision, neck pain, and inability to sleep. As someone who has used Roebling Glasses for just shy of a year, it's been impressive to see how once common computer headaches, like literal migraines and eye fatigue, have slightly reduced over time. But where I saw the biggest difference was keeping the pair by my nightstand. On the nights when I decided to unwind in bed by watching a TV show on my laptop or video clip on my smartphone, I didn't feel restless going to bed.

A big bonus to all of Felix Gray's designs (and not just the Roebling Glasses) is that the entire line is completely stylish without being expensive. Prices start at $95 and frames come in either non-prescription or prescription lenses.

Convinced to add a pair of blue-light-blocking eyewear to your daily repertoire? Learn more about Felix Gray and check out all of its popular designs here.

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