Why Physical Health Can Help Your Business's Health

Improving my physical health helped me improve my business's health as well.

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This article was written by Nick Perry

I think of myself as a pretty normal self-employed person. I was too proud to continue working long hours for someone who didn't pay me well, so I said thanks for the opportunity and took my career into my own hands. That decision has largely paid off, but it has also come with a few unforeseen externalities.

I was working from home before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and I got pretty comfortable with remote work. As the pandemic worsened and pretty much everybody in my professional sphere started working remotely, there were some growing pains, but we all made it through. We're a resilient, adaptive species.

But while I've been able to adapt my business to most negative situations over a tumultuous few years, I have been sorely lacking when it comes to one particular area of my personal life: physical fitness. My goodness, did I become a slothy slug.

When you put so much time into running a business, it's easy to overlook taking care of yourself. And do so at your own peril because, as I learned the hard way, exercise is one of the best things you can do to stay motivated and productive when running a business. So, last October, I started to commit to getting back into shape by getting a Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch.

Finding an exercise routine.

When I commuted to work, stopping at the gym on the way home was easy. It just made it part of my routine. Working from home, that wasn't so easy. I'd fallen completely out of a workout routine by the time the pandemic hit, closing all gyms in my area.

I am not a runner. You couldn't get me to run a mile even if I knew there was a large pizza waiting for me at the other end. So, even as I became aware of aches and pains while doing nothing but sitting, I refused to go out and run. But I did know it was time to do something, and I knew myself well enough to understand I needed something to get me hooked. I'm an entrepreneur. I needed competitive data.

But as an entrepreneur, I'm also frugal. As impressive as Fitbits and Apple Watches are, I couldn't bring myself to spend $150 or more on something I wasn't convinced I'd use all the time. Instead, I opted for the Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch, which was just $39.99 when I purchased it.

How my fitness watch helped.

I'm a numbers person, so I needed to see my health metrics laid out for me so I could watch how they improved over time. The sleek, affordable Smart Fit has 15 features that cover everything you could want to know about your body and workouts. Whether you just want to reach a 10,000 steps-a-day goal like I did at the start, or you need to monitor your blood pressure for health concerns, this watch has you covered.

Smart Fit monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, daily steps, and calories to keep you in tune with how active you are even on days that you don't work out. It's waterproof and sweat-proof, so you can even swim laps with it while monitoring your health stats.

In my case, the watch was just the start. After using it on long walks and while doing bodyweight workout challenges, I noticed enough progress to feel like it was time to really commit. So I joined the masses and bought a Peloton. And that's when I really appreciated my Smart Fit.

Peloton got me hooked with the competitive nature of rides and how easy it is to access a huge range of workouts. My Smart Fit gave me greater insight into all of those workouts so I knew exactly how much I was working and how many calories I was burning so I could also adjust my diet accordingly.

Plus, since I'm pathologically incapable of disconnecting from work entirely, I appreciated that my Smart Fit was always connected to my phone, even when it wasn't on me. With Smart Fit, you can control the music, control calls, set alarms, and display the time, date, and week on the smooth 1.3" screen display. It's not as app-loaded as an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, but it's more than enough for my needs. I wouldn't want to have to sift through so many things on a watch interface anyway.

Getting a fitness watch.

My Smart Fit helped me get my fitness back on track after an extremely lazy couple of years. I'm still not going to run a mile any time soon, but that's by choice. I can play an entire rec soccer game without subbing out, and that's all the proof I need that I'm going in the right direction.

Entrepreneurs owe it to themselves to invest in their physical as well as mental fitness. If you're looking to get on track, the Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch can help. It retails for $149, but you can get it for $39.99 today, or 73 percent off.

Prices subject to change.

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