A Roundup of Rivals in the Cupcake Craze On the day Crumbs Bake Shop begins trading on Nasdaq, here's a look at some of its inventive competitors.

By Teri Evans

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A Roundup of Rivals in the Cupcake CrazeCorrections & Amplifications

In the latest layer of the cupcake craze, New York-based Crumbs Bake Shop started trading shares on Nasdaq today. Shares opened at $13.10, giving the cupcake chain a market value of $58.9 million, according to Reuters.

There has been no shortage of gourmet competition in cupcakeries, with many small business owners attempting to put their own inventive -- and often quirky -- spin on the sweet treats. To be sure, the business is far from all sweetness and light. There's even a Food Network reality show called Cupcake Wars, which is in its third season.

Here's how Crumbs stacks up against some of New York's leading cupcakeries.

Cupcake City

Crumbs Bake ShopMagnolia BakerySweet Revenge
Cupcake styleHuge, and huge selection (more than 50 flavors and toppings daily)Frilly, with sprinkles and frosting swirlsGrown-up, eaten on plates with knives and forks
Price$3.25 to $4.50$2.75 to $3.25$3.50
What else?Cakes (and "colossal cupcakes")Pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, pudding, muffinsWine, beer and savory cakes, plus breakfast, lunch and brunch


35; 200 planned by 2014Six and countingJust one

Fancy candy store: Wood cases, marble counters and treatsBright, retro bakeshop with long lines Cool, West
Village bar where regulars hang
The hookMore locations, more cupcakes and online
Sex and the City ate hereYou want Pinot Noir with that?
Plans for world dominationFranchising, after going public in a $66-million mergerMajor expansion (first up: Harlem, Chicago and Bloomingdale's flagship store in New York this summer)Sweet Revenge apparel, fragrances, TV show

To indulge your sweet tooth even more, a look at our recent coverage of some of Crumb's most inventive rivals:

How do you think Crumbs public trading will affect other entrepreneurs in the cupcake business? Share your comments.

Corrections & Amplifications: An earlier version of this post misstated Magnolia Bakery's plans to expand in New Jersey and Boston. The company has no immediate plans for those cities, rather it expects to open in Chicago and the flagship Bloomingdale's store in New York this summer.

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