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Four For Friday for Entrepreneurs - Do You Have a Use for the iPad?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Q1: iPad: April 3rd marks the debut of the iPad, Apple'snew tablet computer. What uses does your business have for the iPad or deviceslike it, and will you be buying one or more within the next couple of months?

Q2: craigslist: As you may have read in Entrepreneur'srecent article, it's been 15 years since Craig Newmark started craigslist as anonline arts and events list. Does your company use craigslist? Why or why not?

Q3: First Quarter Results: For companies whose fiscalyear follows the calendar (i.e., January through December), the first quarteris now behind us. How did your company perform during the first quarter of2010?

Q4: Homeshoring: The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, J. Crewand JetBlue all homeshore (the transfer of service industry employment fromoffices to home-based employees with appropriate equipment). Does your company now, or is it considering, homeshoring? Why orwhy not?

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