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5 Premium Tech Upgrades That Will Give You Geek Envy

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Dell, Amazon, Sony and Google

The folks at TechBargains are no strangers to premium electronics and we do love their high-end gadgets. You really do get what you pay. Top tier items have better design, higher quality outputs, are actually a pleasure to use, and typically gain a following of users who are willing to pay more and will swear its worth it.

Fortunately, we watch prices like a hawk and we've found a few drool-worthy tech items that you can get now at significant discounts 20% or more.

1. Google Nexus 6P Unlocked 64GB Smartphone for $449.99 (Orig $549.99)
All metal body, USB Type-C, and a stock Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system make this one of the top choices for anyone who wants a premium smartphone. It won PCMag's reader's choice award and can be used with any wireless carrier: Verizon, AT&T, , even internationally without a problem. This phone's secret sauce is that it is one of only a few that can be used on Google's Project Fi mobile network, which is an inexpensive way to get lower smartphone bills. For $20 per month you get unlimited call and text, and you only pay for the data you use at a rate of $10 per GB. Any data you don't use is simply returned as a credit back. It uses a combination of T-Mobile and Sprint's networks and seamlessly switches to other verified networks. You could potentially cut your cell phone bill down to $40 each month.

2. Sennheiser HD600 Professional Audiophile Headphones + Bonus $100 Amazon Gift Card for $399.99
This pair is a favorite among audiophiles and are so clear and precise you will be able to hear the difference between well recorded and poorly recorded sound material. It's the headphones that audiophiles keep going back to despite owning headphones three to four times the price. This is one of the best deals we've seen for these headphones with a bonus $150 Amazon gift card that effectively discounts it down to $250. Frankly, these headphones are so good that they don't need to be discounted at all.

3. Dell UltraSharp 25" Quad HD IPS Monitor for $345.59 (Orig $499.99)
Use 10 percent off code: EXTRA10. Not much is worse than using your computer and not having enough screen real estate to look at two windows side-by-side, or having to constantly scroll through huge sets of data. Dell's quad HD display will give you plenty of real estate to do anything you need, and then some. This uses an IPS display which has excellent picture quality, displays a larger range of colors and will render them more accurately. It also includes a premium three-year advanced exchange warranty. If you have any problems, Dell will ship you a replacement unit next day business delivery so you won't have to suffer with a tiny replacement monitor.

4. Sony XBR 55" X900C 4k UltraHD 120Hz 3D LED HDTV for $799.99 (Orig $999.99)
Sony's X900C is sleek and svelte. At its thinnest point, it measures less than 0.2 inches thin which is thinner than a pencil and looks great mounted on a wall. For a low price of $800, it gives you a ton of high end features, namely 4K and 120Hz, which is an incredible deal at this price point. This is one of Sony's higher-tiered TVs and sits just below their flagship X950C. Don't be worried about buying through eBay as it comes from a reputable Sony reseller, includes a 30-day return policy, and you are protected by both eBay and PayPal if you aren't satisfied. We've personally bought two high-end TV's through eBay as the pricing is usually the best of web.

5. Vantrue R2 2k Dash Cam with Bonus 32GB MicroSD Card for $99.99 (Orig $154.99)
Use Code: VANTRUE2. If you've ever been involved in a hit and run or been falsely accused as being at fault then you know that having evidence is pretty important. Getting a dash cam can answer any insurance doubt with proof. This particular Vantrue dash cam is a top pick by the Wirecutter. It is slightly more expensive than many inexpensive dash cams as it has higher-end features such as high resolution 2K video, a motion detection sensor that will auto capture motion when you are parked, an G-sensor that locks any footage when it detects an impact, and a sleek metal casing. This has excellent night vision and is good enough to make out license plates.

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