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6 Entry-Level Tech Jobs That Pay More Than $90,000 a Year

Want to bring in the big bucks? Try one of these careers.

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While typical entry-level jobs today pay around $40,000 to $50,000 annually, if you choose the right career route, you could be starting your career off making around six figures right off the bat. Of course, that depends on your job. Unsurprisingly, if you're in technology, you're in luck.

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A recent study by Comparably that analyzed nearly 20,000 anonymous employee salary records from companies big and small, public and private, uncovered the top six entry-level jobs that have average annual salaries of $90,000 or more.

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One of the highest paying jobs for people just stepping into the workforce is that of a data scientist. So if you know how to use computing technology to discover trends and develop tech-savvy techniques to solve problems, here's a career path for you, and the good news? The average entry-level employees makes a whopping $110,850 every year. Following close behind, entry-level product managers make nearly $105,000 a year, and developers come in third for some of the entry-level highest salary at $96,000 annually.

Unfortunately, salary also varies depending on gender, with women usually earning less. But some good news for women who take on the roles of data scientists or developers: they make higher annual salaries than men -- overall, around $3,000 more annually. However, men who are mobile developers typically make substantially more than women, with an average $100,000 for men and $80,000 for women.

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Of course, where you're located can also determine how much money you'll bring in every year. If you're looking to stack up the big bucks, your best bet is moving to big tech-driven cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and New York City. Overall, entry-level techies make around $145,000 every year in these places.

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