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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using a Private Cloud A private cloud-storage solution is the most cost-effective, efficient and secure way to file away your business data.

By Roberto Liccardo Edited by Ryan Droste

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Cloud computing has been with us for some time now and is the chosen method of storing data for many businesses. The cloud is a simple concept: Instead of storing data on a physical server, it is stored on the internet. There are many reasons why this is preferable to traditional storage methods.

Although businesses of all sizes acknowledge that cloud business is the future of work, we're looking at the concept of taking things a step further and discussing private cloud storage. With regular cloud storage, your info is remotely stored alongside that of thousands of other businesses. With a private cloud, only your business and permitted users have access to that information. Let's look at six major benefits of using a private cloud for storage.

Better security

The security of sensitive data stored online is a major issue. You have probably read about data breaches, some involving very large corporations, which prove that nobody is 100% safe. However, safety is increased by using the cloud for storage — and even more so when you make use of a private cloud storage system. This makes sense, as with a standard cloud system your data is among others, whereas with the private cloud nobody else uses the servers or the storage. This way, you improve security to as good as it can possibly be.

Greater flexibility

By flexibility, we mean not only the ability to store a wide variety of data without using up valuable hard disk space, but the ability to retrieve and use it more easily as well. There is also no chance of a cloud-storage system having a mechanical problem like hard disks sometimes do — backups are done automatically with a private cloud system. Your team has more time on their hands to get their job done without having to worry about the IT side of things.

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Reduced costs

The cost of maintaining physical servers for storing your data is vastly reduced when you switch to private cloud storage. You don't need to employ an IT team, and you don't need to spend big on expensive computer storage space. The private cloud will use already existing servers in a remote location so there is less expenditure. You will likely pay a monthly fee for the upkeep and management of your data, thus reducing your outgoings even further.

Better use of resources

There are further benefits in terms of the use of the computer hardware you already have on-site. With no storage on the disk space, you free up memory, which may enhance the speed and performance of your system. Also, with less time spent on daily IT requirements, your team is free to get on with what you employ them for. Also, as with the above, the necessity to spend on the purchase and upkeep of the previously required hardware is no longer a problem, so that's savings all-round for you.

Regulatory compliance

Data privacy is, as we mentioned earlier, a big concern in businesses of all kinds and all sizes. Information stored online by employers includes employee details that may be sensitive — addresses, account numbers and even date of birth are attractive to hackers who have nefarious ideas. Not only that, you will also store data about your suppliers, your customers and your businesses itself, which may be damaging should it get into the hands of the wrong people. Private cloud storage is by far the most secure way to store this information and will help you ensure you comply with modern data protection regulations which are strict in many areas of commerce and industry.

Managed IT services

Finally, a private cloud deal often comes with the additional benefit of remotely managed IT services and solutions. This means there is no need to have an IT team on site. IT is vital to all businesses, without a doubt, but it does take up a lot of time and expense that could be better spent elsewhere. Outsourcing your cloud- and IT-management services is yet another cost-saving idea and one that brings with added safety and security for all the data stored necessarily by you and your business.

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You should be able to see that a private cloud storage solution is the most cost-effective, efficient and secure way of keeping the data that you need for your business to run smoothly. It also frees up the time taken on IT problems. Have a look in more detail about the options and ensure you get a deal that saves you money and makes life easier.

Roberto Liccardo

CEO of Best Stocks

I have 15 years of direct and managerial experience in intensive digital marketing, analytics and finance. Currently, I'm working as CEO for Best Stocks.

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