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A Simple Way to Help Make Sure Your Passwords Stay Private

Your online security is a big deal. That's why investing in a top password manager might be a great idea.

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It doesn't take a genius business leader to know that leaving your passwords on sticky notes attached to your computer is a bad idea. One of the most basic measures of cybersecurity is simply making sure your passwords stay private to you. But how do you remember all of those passwords safely? You trust a like Enpass.


Enpass is one of the top-rated password managers on the market. It's earned 4.4 stars on the , 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, and 4.6 stars on G2. Best Reviews writes, With the amount of information users can store in their vaults, Enpass could be called a life manager rather than a password manager. From login credentials to clothing sizes, everything can be stored in Enpass."

Enpass goes above and beyond to protect all of your , the company says. You can store all of your login information, , , licenses, files, documents, and much more information in a single place so you'll always have easy, secure access. It can automatically fill your logins and credit card details into websites, generate random and strong passwords, and enjoy cross-platform availability for all of your information. Plus, Enpass offers elite protocols like an Audit to quickly pinpoint any possible vulnerabilities regarding your accounts and alerts about website breaches so you can always stay on top of your security. And, best of all, none of your Enpass data is stored on their servers. It's all stored locally on your device so you can sync it through your own trusted cloud account.

With an Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan, you'll get unlimited passwords and items, unlimited vaults, unlimited devices, and more. Grab a lifetime subscription on sale for 72 percent off $79 at just $29.99 right now.

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