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Become a Digital Artist for Just $35 Using Only Your Mac

This creative bundle will teach you how to create and animate on your Mac.

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Creative people have to pursue their creativity. It's an impulse. But sometimes you don't exactly know how to direct it. Whether you're motivated by drawing, digital art, writing, or anything else, the Complete Digital Creativity & Book Writing Bundle can help you harness your imagination and turn it into a bona fide career path.

Vlada Karpovich

This five-course bundle is led by Amazon international bestselling author, Sean Thompson. Thompson has founded a number of successful small-scale startups and is a prolific workshop presenter, keynote speaker, and an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Trainer. The Complete Digital Creativity & Book Writing Bundle, however, is his self-proclaimed most ambitious project as he works to help anyone achieve their creative dreams.

This online training takes a wide look at digital art. You'll learn how to develop digitally creative skills using nothing but your Mac. There are lessons on how to create digital art in Keynote, making backgrounds, animating stories, creating original images, and much more without a drawing tablet. You'll even create and animate a superhero story using Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, and more standard Mac software.

Finally, the bundle comes with a one-hour publishing boot camp, teaching you how to write a "sellable" book, promote it via Facebook and LinkedIn, and get it published.

Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in digital art or comics, or you'd just like to indulge a hobby, the Complete Digital Creativity & Book Writing Bundle is a worthwhile investment. Right now, you can get it for just $34.99.

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