How to Become a Successful Faceless Virtual Star VTubers are becoming wildly popular in the online world.

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As VTubers rise in popularity, so do the number of VTubers looking to make a name for themselves. A VTuber is defined as someone who has created their own online channel and uses it to upload videos that people worldwide can watch. They often use a virtual avatar as their identity, hence the name VTubers. Many VTubers, such as Kaguya Luna and Mori Calliope, have become successful without ever revealing their true identity or location. These faceless creators make millions of dollars each year, with no one knowing anything about them except what they choose to reveal on live-streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube.

What gear do you need to become a VTuber?

VTubers need to invest in a high-end computer with lots of storage space and a powerful graphics card. You need a webcam that tracks motion and attaches to your computer.

The most popular VTubers use a blue screen and green room setup, which essentially consists of walls with one color on them in the background of their vlogs, so that when they move around it appears as though everything is happening inside an empty virtual space.

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How much does it cost to become a VTuber?

The range of how much it costs to become a popular VTuber is from about $500-2000 depending on the camera, lighting and computer equipment, including VTuber software like VTuber Maker. Getting started as a virtual streamer is fairly easy because there are plenty of tutorials available online to follow along or get a general idea about what vloggers need for quality content creation. You can minimize the cost by using your phone to VTube and live broadcast instead of an external motion-tracking camera.

Facerig, Luppet, VTube Studio, and Vroid Studio are software programs VTubers use to edit their vlogs. They allow you to create a virtual mask of your face and facial expression using face tracking and motion capture that VTubers can use as their virtual avatar for videos.

What are the pros and cons of being faceless?

Many VTubers will say there is less pressure in becoming an online content creator because you do not have to worry about what people think or react to your digital avatar. If they don't like it, then they stop watching or unfollowing. But the downfall could also be that VTubers need to make their content interesting not to bore viewers, which can lead them to feel stressed out when trying to keep up with daily vlogging schedules.

The VTuber, vlogger, and vblogger communities are very welcoming to new virtual personalities because they represent a mix of people from all over the world who live in different cultures. The global community is open-minded about their perspectives on life which can then be shared with other faceless virtual character creators around the globe.

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How do I earn money as a VTuber?

Brands have started partnering with VTubers because they offer a cost-effective way for companies to reach their target audience by giving them relevant content that will impact their wants and needs.

One of the key things that virtual creators can do when they start blogging, VTubing, or live streaming is to create an editorial calendar for themselves which will help them stay focused on their goals and objectives. The secret sauce needed by every successful faceless creator is consistency with quality content mixed in with creative flair, something different than what was done before.

VTuber success stories often focus more on the number of subscribers they have rather than their monetary earnings. For a younger VTuber, marketing oneself or having a sponsor creates many opportunities, such as getting invites to parties and paying social media bills. Naturally, the more popular you are, the more sponsorship requests you will receive.

Ways to be successful as a faceless creator

Share the things that matter because VTubers are constantly seeking authenticity. Watch VTubers with a lot of subscribers, like Japanese VTuber Kizuna Ai, Ami Yamato, Ai Angel, Projekt Melody, and Code Miko, and see what they do. Seek out feedback to improve your skills, or ask for help if you need it. Create content that will interest others, but keep yourself interested too.

Fans can relate to the vlogs from a first-person perspective and commonplace daily routines that are shared. VTubers represent what we all want to be: young, creative, and successful in a way that is not possible offline.

If you're looking for a way to make money and have fun doing it, I recommend trying out VTubing. As a virtual YouTuber, You can create your own VTuber avatar, dress them up and then start streaming content relevant to your interests. This allows you to monetize in new ways and lets people see you as something more than just their everyday selves or what they are currently wearing.

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