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Protect Your Passwords with This Top-Rated Manager

Get a top-tier password manager for life for just $40.

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The easiest way to make yourself vulnerable to a cyber attack is by having the same password for everything. Or by keeping your passwords all on the same note on your computer (or sticky note attached to your computer).


It's not just the big guys that hackers are after. According to one late 2021 report, businesses with fewer than 100 employees were 350 percent more likely to become targets of social engineering attacks. Hackers are coming, the least you can do is protect your passwords.

Enpass Password Manager is one of the top-rated password managers around, with 4.4/5-stars on the App Store and TrustPilot, 4.6/5-stars on G2, and a 90 percent score on Best Reviews writes, "With the amount of information users can store in their vaults, Enpass could be called a life manager rather than a password manager. From login credentials to clothing sizes, everything can be stored in Enpass."

Indeed, Enpass does more than just protect your passwords. You can store unlimited passwords and data items in an unlimited number of vaults on an unlimited number of devices. None of your data is ever saved on their servers, it's all stored locally on your device so you can sync it through your own trusted cloud account, maintaining peak encryption.

Enpass will help you generate random, strong passwords, it can automatically fill your logins and payment details into websites, and it will give you alerts whenever there are breaches on your accounts so you can stay on top of your security. You can separate your personal, family, and work data through different vaults, manage your accounts through all of your devices, and much more.

During our Back to Education event, you can get a lifetime subscription to Enpass Password Manager for 50 percent off $79 at just $39.99. Plus, you'll also earn a donation to a school or charity of your choice.

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