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These 5 Companies Are Growing as Large as the Online Security Threat The tenacity and resourcefulness of cyber criminals is fueling continuous growth for protection services.

By Murray Newlands

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As our society becomes more technologically advanced, so do the accompanying cyberspace security threats. Online protection is more important now than ever, especially after a year of high-profile hacks on major companies across North America. So, how can you ensure your company, and your customers, stay safe in an increasingly risky online world?

Let's take a look at five companies that offer the best possible protection for online space.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Cisco offers numerous products to monitor and protect its customers' online security and different services to help handle any risky situation that arise. Its thorough approach helps clients before, during, and after a security attack. With its numerous departments, clients are able to address vulnerable security points, design and employ a strategy if a breach occurs, receive remote monitoring and management support to help identify issues quickly, and be notified about new technologies and software by the support team, among other things. The company strives to bring reassurance to its clients and make things as easy for them as possible.

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Symantec Corporation.

This California based Fortune 500 company has been around since 1982. Symantec offers over 100 security products and a selection of online solutions for almost every imaginable need, including cloud, public sector, business continuity, and healthcare. It keeps its customers' best interests in mind by providing 24/7 reports on common threats and vulnerabilities, offering advice on renewing software, good security practices, and recommended protection settings, and allowing online viewings of various security publications. Its "Attacks of Point of Sales System" report has been used as a guide and an example of best practice by US Senators on the importance of layered security in online networks.


With world-wide prominence, this successful company has an impressive track record. Thales starts by measuring online security policies to determine their strength against threats and then implement forceful solutions. It protects 80 percet of global bank transactions and guards the cyberspace of 19 of the 20 largest banks in the world. It has high-end organizations as clients (think banks and defense agencies) that require high-performance for complex systems in difficult environments. Thales offers online security protection in numerous areas, including cryptology, intrusion testing, risk analysis, and security architecture.

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Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Lab's personal mission is to guard people from cyber-threats, including hackers, cyber-espionage tools, and cyber-weapons that target government networks. It is dedicated to protecting each of its clients, from individual networks to small businesses to governments.

This year, they established an International Advisory Board that consists of globally-recognized online security experts to offer advice and strategies on the IT security market. In addition to providing new innovative security products and services to its clients, Kaspersky also supports the Digital Forensics Laboratory, Interpol's newest approach to catching cyber-incident criminals. Kaspersky believes the effectiveness of supporting joint efforts increases international cooperation of online security and has partnerships with other well-known security companies.

Dell Inc.

More than just computers, Dell brings some of the most effective online protection to its customers. In addition to the many products and protection services offered, the company has developed a three-part method to ensure protection with IT security measures as data is transferred from endpoint to data center to cloud. Its protect-comply-enable approach consists of measures such as encryption, a secure loud client, email security, advanced firewalls, privilege management and identity governance, and incident response and threat intelligence. Additional precautions are exercised when deemed necessary, ensuring the best possible online protection for Dell's customers.

Keeping your data secure should be your top priority this year as there are thousands of people that would love to take advantage of your data. What are you doing to keep your online security space safe?

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Murray Newlands

Entrepreneur, business advisor and online-marketing professional

Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. He is the founder of chatbot builder tool and Read his blog

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