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5 Tech Pinners You Should Be Following Now

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If you think Pinterest is just for party-planning brides and recipe-swapping moms, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. While Pinterest does showcase a plethora of craft ideas and casserole pointers, there are more conversations going on than you’d imagine. Indeed, brings more traffic to publishers than Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn and Google+ combined, according to a recent report by Shareaholic.

And the tech community is taking note. Many are viewing this as a unique opportunity for others to see their products, reviews, coverage and insight.

If you are new to the Pinterest platform or skeptical about how it could work for you, check out this list of five top-notch technology focused “pinners” you should be following. 

Screenshot from GeekSugar on Pinterest


GeekSugar Pinterest page
69,000+ Followers

GeekSugar's Pinterest page (called POPSUGAR Tech) offers up a smorgasbord of tech gear, gadgets and overall just great geeky finds. There’s everything from the perfect laptop case to pointers for keeping your tech devices clean and organized.

Plus, their boards include some of the latest and greatest smartphone apps, tech tips and even geeky inspired wedding ideas. (So I guess there is a place where tech and bridal planning collide.). 

Screenshot from Matters of Grey on Pinterest

Matters of Grey

Matters of Grey Pinterest page
3,000+ Followers

A self-proclaimed geek collective, the folks behind Matters of Grey pin about nerd humor, typography, social media, technology and all things Foursquare.

For instance, there’s a great board for ringtones and another for infographics. There are even several Star Wars themed boards as well. Not to mention boards devoted to Arrested Development and Breaking Bad. Matters of Grey make pinning geek chic. 

Screenshot from The Next Web on Pinterest

The Next Web

The Next Web Pinterest page
34,900+ Followers

Tech-blog site The Next Web offers a unique, more topical-focused approach to the tech genre for pinners. It features several boards with the latest in tech news across the world, while also having boards devoted to tech-related branding and culture. Some fascinating board topics include tech-inspired quotes, tech-focused books and the inspiring board “Tech Hall Of Fame.” There are plentiful opportunities to keep you informed and entertained at The Next Web’s Pinterest page. 

Screenshot from CNET on Pinterest


CNET Pinterest Page
178,000+ Followers

The team at CNET has one of the most diverse collections of tech on Pinterest. (Caution: you may lose complete track of time once you enter this vortex of awesome tech inspired boards.)

With boards designated for “Designs and Prototypes,” “Gadgets” and “iPhone/iPad Tricks,” you can find some advice and have fun learning it. One particularly useful board called “Tech DIY” shows you easy fixes for common tech inquires like, “how to jailbreak your iOS 7 device” and “tips for buying and selling your used iPhone.” 

Screenshot from Cool Mom Tech on Pinterest

Cool Mom Tech

Cool Mom Tech Pinterest page
17,000+ Followers

Cool Mom Tech is the Pinterest page dedicated to technology from the publishers of CoolMomPicks. It’s a practical intersection of tech and parenting by sharing some great boards about the best things for kids, families and child-proof gadgets. Since many entrepreneurs are also parents, knowing what the best tech is for your family can be both informative and helpful. The Cool Mom Tech boards cover topics like rating “cool apps for kids,” and the beneficial “parents’ lifesavers.” Now what parent doesn’t need a Pinterest board like that?

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