Does it Pay to Release Super Bowl Ads Before the Game?

Check out these stats, as well as 20 other facts on the big game.
Does it Pay to Release Super Bowl Ads Before the Game?
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Since 1966, the Super Bowl has engaged millions of Americans who come together to eat, drink, celebrate and watch some football -- and, oh yeah, some quirky ads.

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Since its humble beginnings with 24 million viewers to today’s whopping 111 viewers -- the game has come a long way. This year, a single 30-second ad at the Super Bowl costs a minimum of $5 million -- and that’s not including paying the celebrities most brands employ. But it's not only brands spending cash. In 2016, viewers bought more than $2.9 billion worth of snacks and more than $1.2 billion on beer.

From Apple unveiling its first Macintosh computer to Katy Perry’s epic halftime show, the Super Bowl has had some major milestones. To get ready for the big day, take a look at these 20 surprising facts about the Super Bowl.