5 Best Reminder Apps So You Don't Miss Out On Important Tasks

Why miss important meetings, calls, chore, engagements and more when an app can take care of everything?

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We are living a fast pace life and it wouldn't be wrong to say we are suffering from 'busy syndrome'. Thus need a little reminder about things before you miss it? In today’s world, we all need someone to keep a tab on our day-to-day work.

From paying bills, making important appointments, attending events, taking medicines on time to send out gifts, there is so much to be taken care of. But appointing someone who keeps nagging you about each and everything can get nagging at times.

However, we do need a way to free up our mind and delegate these duties to someone. Well, nothing is better than your smartphone that is by your side 24X7. We bring you some top picked reminder apps that will make sure your work proceeds smoothly, without causing any further delay.

Google Play

To Do Reminder with Alarm

Designed neatly, the app is very useful. For good visibility, you can choose from day or night theme. The use is simple, tap on “To Do Tasks” and enter details like date, time, and how many times you want it to be repeated.

The cherry on top is that it even lets you add tasks using voice command. You can also easily sync in birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts from Google Calendar, Facebook. Or you can manually create your own list. 

Google Keep

Google Keep

The best app when it comes to taking notes and nothing can beat it. It also lets you share the note with others. One can also add photo, audio, and video on your note to add more content to it. Google’s app is very simple but effective.

You can also set notes to pop up on your notification window at certain spots or location. For example, you have made a shopping list of home products, and when your GPS indicates any departmental store near you, a notification will pop up.

Google Play

Any Do

Keeping it user-friendly, the app is segregated in four main lists: Today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday. Every list has a “+” sign that lets you create your desired list. This app also supports voice command.

For days when you are lazy, it also helps us with auto-complete function. To put it simply, it predicts what you are about to type and gives you suggestions based on your previous accounting.



An amazing app that syncs both Google Tasks and TickTick. The TickTick mimics the original app and Google Talk simply syncs between devices.

You can opt for anyone of these you like. Both have the same features.



Made with a clear and no-cluttered interface, Wunderlist is perfect for minimalistic. But don’t mistake it for an app that lacks in features and functions. The more you explore it, you come across tons of feature that are not all over the place.

It does not just make your ‘to-do-list’ but at the same time lets you collaborate list with others and share them. The app lets you even attach PDFs, pictures, and PPTs well.