11 Promising Opportunities for Startups

From cannabis to fuel delivery apps, these entrepreneurs have keen ideas to capitalize on relevant opportunities that may be of interest to investors, companies and others across the ecosystem.

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As the new crop of opportunities for start-ups is beginning to break out, we have compiled a list to capture entrants from a wide range of sectors and serve up a snapshot of the year’s businesses.
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Now Trending: Co-living Spaces

Sly brokers, sky-high rents, dingy accomodation, landlords' tantrums, absurd rules and regulations — anyone coming to a new city with a lucrative job or to study is bound to encounter these while searching for a home or living in a rented domicile. But what if you get a fully functional household with all amenities intact where you just have to move in with your belonging? Goodbye brokers, hello co-living!
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Is India Ready to Vroom?

With traffic jams prevalent in all major Indian cities, bike-taxi service has come as a relief for many. Yet, it remains questionable whether this service is tailor-made for India, considering the limitations of two-wheelers and preferences of Indian users. Even four years after its launch, the segment is still grappling with problems but there is a huge untapped market potential that might make all the difference in the coming years.
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Milkpreneurs: Cashing the Cow

The milk landscape in India is witnessing winds of change revolving around two keywords: transparency and freshness. Start-ups are tapping into this growing demand and working to capture niche geographical markets. 
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The Games They Play

Hunching over smartphones, Indians - age is no bar - are playing like never before. In trains and buses, in corridors and bylanes, they have only one aim: destroying their digital enemies to smithereens. Unless you strike a conversation on online gaming, they have no time for you. Is this the beginning of a new world order?
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A Brewing Business

While the kombucha industry has been enjoying wholesome success in the West since the 1990s, Asian startups have just started banking on the Chinese-origin ancient drink
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Adding Dum to Biryani

Six start-ups with a single mission are serving authentic, flavourful biryani and minting pots of moolah in the process. The founders share the secret recipe to their success.  
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Water Comrades

India is the third largest groundwater exporter, but 21 cities are expected to run out of water by next year! Taking up the challenge, innovative companies are disrupting the ecosystem in search of better times. We bring you five start-ups that are safeguarding our precious resource.
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Riding High on Canna-Biz

Six start-ups dealing in cannabis bust myths about government policies, usage, product line and general perception. Tapping one of the most unexplored sectors, we take you on a high ride of the industry.
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Urban Wonderfoods

Growing urbanisation has pushed farms out of the towns to the peripheries. But a new breed of farmers is taking farming by storm by helping us harvest superfoods sans chemicals and pesticides in our kitchen. Meet some of the urban farmers from around the country who ensure that these tiny shoots or microgreens provide a palate full of health and goodness.
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Perfect Pet Care

Gone are the days when pets were restricted to the backyards of homes. With increasing urbanization, disposable income and growing awareness about animal rights, pet-parents are now a growing tribe. This opportunity has propelled start-ups in the pet sector to come up with different services and solutions to meet the needs of your four-legged friend.
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Running out of fuel? Skip the gas station and order it from your smartphone to refuel right at your doorstep or anywhere you want. With changing government policies and a push towards digital economy, on-demand oil and fuel delivery apps are gaining momentum – even sparking investor interest from the likes of Ratan Tata – to transform the energy industry.