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Entrepreneurs Who Bring Their Dogs to Work Need These 10 Products

If every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day, these things will make the day easier for everyone.

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Dog-friendly offices are magical things, especially if you’re a busy, dog-owning entrepreneur who doesn’t want to shell out precious income on doggy day care. Having your pooch nearby during the workday is great for the entire team (provided nobody’s allergic) but it doesn’t eliminate the caregiving responsibilities you have at home. These products can help set you and your dog off on the right foot every day.


Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Covers

Dogs aren’t likely to complain about falling all over the backseat because they’re dogs and they’re perfect but you owe it to your car and your dog to help them get comfortable. This cover protects your seats from hair and scratches while providing a solid grip for your pooch.


Evercare Pet Hair Extra Sticky Lint Roller

Is your dog a shedder? Maybe your clothes are too covered in dog hair to matter but your employees’ and clients’ aren’t. This lint roller will take care of any hair that happens to drift onto clothing.

Wild One

Wild One Air Travel Carrier

If you like to bring your dog on business trips, give them the comfort and style of a carrier. Plus, it will make getting on and off the plane considerably easier.

Best Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks

Bully sticks take longer to chew through than a traditional bone, making them a great distraction for your dog while you’re in a meeting. Take note, though, they are sticky so be sure to close the door.


KONG - Extreme Goodie Bone

Alternatively, the Extreme Goodie Bone is a rubber chew toy designed to be stuffed with treats that take some effort to get out. It’ll keep your dog occupied as long as you need.


PREMIUM CARE Calming Treats for Dogs

Going into the office can be anxiety-inducing for your dog, especially if you won’t be with them the whole day. These organic, stress-relieving treats will help them cope throughout the day.


SlowTon Dog Calming Bed

Every dog needs a palace to lay down and relax. The SlowTon Calming Bed is designed to relieve pet anxiety while giving them a fluffy, luxuriously soft place to hang out.


Easy Tear Disposable Bags

Just basic dog responsibility here. Don’t be the person who picks up accidents with the kitchen’s paper towels. Accidents happen, be prepared.

Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks

Naturally, your dog will be the most popular chum in the office and everyone is going to want to reward his or her popularity with treats. These miniature Milk-Bones let everyone give a treat without overfeeding your pup.


Furbo Dog Camera

Finally, if you do have to leave your dog at your desk while you are away, the Furbo Dog Camera lets you keep an eye on them at home and even give a treat when they’re being good.