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10 Side Hustles You Can Start This Summer From Your Couch Make some extra money this summer.

By Entrepreneur Store Edited by Jason Fell

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Today, nearly half of Americans have a side hustle. With more people working remotely, it makes sense that people are turning the time they got back from not having a commute into earning extra money. If you'll have some extra time this summer, why not earn a few extra bucks yourself? There are a myriad of side hustles you can start from home, provided you know what you're doing. We've rounded up some great online courses that can help, and in honor of Father's Day, they're each an additional 20 percent off when you use code WELOVEDAD at checkout.

1. Amazon FBA

One of the best ways to earn passive income? Sell things through Amazon. With Amazon FBA, you can white-label and sell products from factories overseas without ever actually holding any inventory. Just manage the account and see the money come in.

Get The Ultimate Amazon FBA & Dropship Master Class Bundle for $16 (Reg. $1,292) with code WELOVEDAD.

2. Copywriting

Copywriters are in constant demand for a huge array of purposes, from email-writing to product descriptions and more. Learn the techniques of great copywriters and understand how to write compelling copy in this bundle. Before you know it, you'll be ready to earn a few extra bucks after work typing away.

Get The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle for $20 (Reg. $1,000) with code WELOVEDAD.

3. Google SEO

SEO is one of the more cost-effective ways for businesses to acquire leads and drive traffic to their pages. But it can also be exceedingly difficult, which is why many businesses look for SEO consultants. In this course bundle, you'll learn the practical and technical sides of SEO to become an expert.

Get The 2021 Complete Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundle for $24 (Reg. $1,994) with code WELOVEDAD.

4. Photography

Turn your love of photography into a side hustle! In this 11-course bundle, you'll get a budget-friendly photography education you can't get anywhere else. From setting up and shooting portraits to post-processing and editing, you'll learn the skills you need to go from amateur to pro.

Get The Complete 2021 Superstar Photographer Bundle for $24 (Reg. $2,189) with code WELOVEDAD.

5. Social Media Management

Social media is more than just a place for people to connect these days, it's a lucrative place of business. Earn some extra money helping businesses monetize on social media. This bundle will teach you the best marketing strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Get The 2021 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle for $24 (reg. $2,093) with code WELOVEDAD.

6. Video Editing

People want more video from their favorite brands. That means businesses need more video producers. Learn how to become one yourself by mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Get The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video & Audio Production Course Bundle for $24 (Reg. $1,194) with code WELOVEDAD.

7. Bookkeeping

QuickBooks is the world's leading accounting software. Want to earn a little extra money as a bookkeeper? Become a QuickBooks master with help from this course and you'll have small businesses begging for your help.

Get The QuickBooks 2021 Essentials Bundle for $24 (Reg. $300) with code WELOVEDAD.

8. Influencer Marketing

Did you know that 81% of people use Instagram to find products or services? That's why it's such a valuable marketing channel and in this bundle, you'll learn how to leverage it effectively. That will keep you in high demand.

Get The 2021 Ultimate Instagram Influencer & Marketing Bundle for $27.98 (reg. $1,194) with code WELOVEDAD.

9. Leadership Coaching

Turn your wealth of experience into an additional income source. This 8-hour bundle will teach you how to freelance as a leadership and business coach, helping you get clients, hone your style, and more. It'll even teach you how to write a book to establish thought leadership.

Get The Complete Leadership & Business Coaching Bundle for $32 (Reg. $1,200) with code WELOVEDAD.

10. Project Management

Efficiency is everything for business owners and they're willing to pay a pretty penny for people who can help them save money. With 120 hours of training covering project management methodologies like Agile, PMP, Scrum, Six Sigma, and more, this bundle will give you the training you need to be a coveted consultant.

Get The Premium 2021 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle for $36.79 (Reg. $2,699) with code WELOVEDAD.

Prices subject to change.

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