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3 Signs It's Time to Get Help With Your Digital Advertising Agencies can help manage ads and other listings, plus keep you informed of industry trends.

By Bob Dillon Edited by Dan Bova

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Pro athletes hire trainers, nonprofits hire grant writers and you probably hire a tax accountant. As a business owner, bringing in a digital expert can also help you grow online.

In 2016, 92 percent of small and medium sized businesses said they expect to spend as much, or more, on their online advertising as they did in 2015. To make the most of your investment, consider bringing an agency on board. Here are some of the top reasons small and medium sized businesses have chosen to hire a digital expert:

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1. I don't have enough time.

Even with all the time-saving tools available, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Working at a small business, there are always a million things to do, and you have to be selective about where you spend your time. You know digital marketing is important to the growth of your business, but other things take priority.

Managing online ads can easily eat up a day of your work week, and the time commitment only increases as your marketing budget expands. To protect your investment, it might make sense to hire an expert who can devote resources to your ad campaigns.

2. I'm not sure how to get the highest return on my investment.

Fifty-five percent of small to medium sized businesses say cost is the No. 1 reason they manage their own online advertising. But don't forget, an agency can make recommendations about audience targeting, campaign optimization and other factors to help you get the most from your marketing budget.

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For instance, The Jefferson, a historic luxury boutique hotel in Washington D.C., turned to Sabre Hospitality Solutions, a badged Google Partner, to help them increase their room bookings. Not only did Sabre increase bookings; their targeted approach increased ROI by >250 percent, just 25 percent of the cost. Additionally, it lowered the campaign's cost per acquisition (CPA) from $17 to $5.

3. Digital marketing isn't my area of expertise.

A good agency partner not only keeps your ad campaigns doing their best, they can also help you stay on top of digital trends. This past year, for instance, mobile searches surpassed desktop for the first time ever, yet 67 percent of small businesses don't even have a mobile friendly website. A digital expert can help you take advantage of this change in your customers' behavior, and stay ahead of the marketing curve.

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WPromote, for example, brings a lot to the table for their client Z Gallerie - a fashionable home furnishings retailer. "Not only do they bring expertise that, as a small company, we don't have or we're not resourced to have, but because of their relationship with Google, they're able to take us through the latest innovations as well as keep us on the cutting edge of all that Google has to offer," said Chris Nicklo, Z Gallerie's CMO.

If you want to learn more about finding a digital expert to optimize your online ads, you can view a list of qualified professionals from our Google Partners program.

Bob Dillon

Head of Small Business Agency Sales at Google

Bob Dillon leads Google sales teams in partnering with agencies to accelerate growth. He was previously global sales lead for the Google Display Network, where he was responsible for successfully commercializing Google’s core and emerging display advertising products. Prior to Google, Bob held various leadership positions in online advertising at Yahoo!

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