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Is In-Person Networking Obsolete at This Point?

Interacting online is easier, cheaper and accelerates your growth exponentially.

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Online networking has grown in popularity due to its ease, convenience and practicality.

The following are key reasons why back-and-forths via bandwidth can benefit your bottom line, specifically, and build your business, overall.

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Saving while selling

When conversing via a laptop versus a lounge, you're saving money, gas and time while still reaping the benefits of building relationships without the hassle of meeting people at a predetermined destination.

It can take months for you to develop trust with business owners and requires effort to show up at every event, engage in conversations and demonstrate your worth. This is applicable online as well.

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Frequency formulates faster friendships

The relationship-building process can be accelerated online, because if you choose to attend numerous events, you see the same contacts more consistently. Prospective clients have already established a rapport and would be more willing to do business sooner than if you were brand-building face-to-face.

One of the most convenient benefits of internet introductions is that you're not limited to your backyard. You can reach across your state, nation and even the world. The possibilities are limitless! With the expanding growth of online networking, your business can grow rapidly.

But let's not forget that both the old, and new meet-and-greet methods compliment each other. Nothing can ever substitute face-to-face interactions, but when it isn't conducive to your business growth? Online networking is the way to go.

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