5 Media Kit Examples To Help You Leverage The Power Of Media In Your Branding

Learn from the best and create a media kit that boosts your brand's image and credibility on autopilot. Check out these top five successful media kits that have propelled the growth of their brands' popularity.


How Data Can Improve Outdoor Advertising

Organizations that use data-driven insights to inform their outdoor advertising strategies typically experience a 10% to 30% improvement in overall marketing performance.

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Musk Praises Twitter's Advertising Ability To "Reach the Most Influential People In the World" Despite a Massive Drop In Advertisers

"While a few other social networks are technically bigger, Twitter is where the writers and leaders spend their time," tweeted Elon Musk.

News and Trends Partners With Meta's Creative Shop To Create AI-powered Models For Inclusive Ad Creatives will enable brands to feature a single outfit across a wide range of AI-generated body types from size 4-20 with its patented technology

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Regulator: Molson Coors Miller Lite Ad Went too Far Comparing Rival Products to Water

Comedy is one thing, but Molson Coors apparently crossed the line by comparing a competitor's products to water.

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The 2023 Super Bowl May Be Over, But These 4 Commercials Made the Biggest Impact on Consumers

Michelob Ultra saw the highest increase in consumer demand post-Super Bowl.


Why the Best Days of Digital Media Are Ahead of Us — and Other Trends for 2023

These five trends reveal that the best days of digital media are still ahead of us.


Redefining Customer Engagement in a World Where Data Privacy Reigns

In a world where "easy data" will increasingly evaporate, companies risk spending lots of money on engagements or clicks that don't convert.

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'This Made Me Physically Recoil From My Phone': Lingerie Brand Apologizes For 'Creepy' Ad Referencing Ryan Reynolds and Bras

Online lingerie retailer Harper Wilde is under fire for a bizarre sponsored post it has since pulled from Instagram.


Why YouTube Ads Should Be in Your Advertising Budget

Should you add YouTube to your marketing and advertising strategy?


Advertisers Are Focused on Feelings. Why Does That Matter?

Brands need to understand how mood-based ad targeting impacts consumers.

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'It Was A Joke': Vim After New Milind Soman Ad Backlash

Vim the dishwashing brand released a cheeky ad nudging men into washing utensils with a stereotypical product called 'Vim Black'. This disappointed many followers and led to Vim facing major backlash for the ad.

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India Is Expected To Become Eighth-Largest Advertising Market In 2023: GroupM Report

According to the report, India's total advertising revenue in 2022 has grown by 15.8 per cent to touch $14.9 billion

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Where Is Lindsey Lohan Now? Making Christmas Videos for Pepsi

The Mean Girls star appears in a new ad campaign promoting Pepsi and milk, or 'Pilk' for the uninitiated.