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What Are Your Customers Watching While They Wait? Learn How To Improve Your Business's Atmosphere.

Blake Sabatinelli, the CEO of Atmosphere, explains the growth of the streaming television platform built for businesses.

News and Trends

ASCI Fortifies Guidelines For Qualification of Brand Extension of Restricted Categories

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has updated its guidelines for 'Qualification of Brand Extension-products and services' under the restricted category prohibited from advertising by law.


Digital Out-of-Home vs. Traditional Advertising — Which is Best for You?

For small and medium-sized enterprises, digital out-of-home advertising offers an opportunity to compete with bigger organizations on their own turf.

Business News

Elon Musk Gives Profanity-Laden Tirade During DealBook Interview: "Go F--- Yourself'

Musk addressed the companies that have pulled advertising from the X platform at the 2023 DealBook Summit in New York on Wednesday. Watch the interview, here.


6 Surprising Psychological Tricks the Best Advertisements Use

Research shows there are universally effective strategies in advertisments. Here's one that uses a bunch of them.


Are Influencers Actually Influential? How Influencer Marketing Can Deliver Brand Impact

As marketing budgets diversify with greater expectations of ROI, influencers and the creator economy have become an organic pathway for outreach and brand awareness


11 Google Ads Hacks That Have Taken My PPC Results to the Next Level

Google Ads isn't dead — far from it, actually. Here's how to make the most of this popular yet under-appreciated advertising platform.

News and Trends

Saugata Gupta Appointed ASCI Chairman, Sets Vision To Consolidate Preventive Footprint Of ASCI

Saugata Gupta's association with ASCI spans several years; two years on the Board of Governors and four years as a special invitee on the Board of Governors.


Your Guide to Choosing the Right Google Ads Consultant or Agency

Don't hire a Google Ads consultant without doing your due diligence.


Tanmay Bhat On Creativity In Advertising

From comedy sketches with AIB to analysing cringy Tik Toks and giving us gems like Pakistani Uber chats or the latest Pitai Reviews, Tanmay Bhat has come a long way. He has ensured to keep us entertained with his fresh ideas even when things have gone against him. We recently had him over to discuss this digital journey at our Entrepreneur Summit in Delhi.


This Is the Real Reason Why Your Marketing Isn't Resonating

Let's find out what could be the marketing misstep that's costing your business valuable sales and potential growth — and how you can make sure you turn that around.


Why the Death of Cookies Will Make Online Advertising Better

Third-party cookies are going away in 2024. When that happens, marketers will be able to re-engage with consumers in exciting new ways.


6 Steps to Improve the ROI of Your Google Ad Campaigns

Trouble with your Google Ads? After nearly 20 years mastering the service, I've got the solution.

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A Bombshell Report Found at Least 18 Brands' Ads Were Placed Next to a Verified Pro-Nazi X Account

Gilead Sciences and NCTA halted ad spending on X (formerly Twitter) because their ads were placed next to fascist content.


This Industry Is Making More Money Than Hollywood and the Music Industry Combined — Here's How Your Business Can Get Involved

With mobile gaming revolutionizing product placement and brand awareness, one surprising demographic is leading the charge.