How to Identify, Report and Manage Ad Fraud (and Why It's Important)

Ad fraud costs online retailers billions of dollars globally each year. Here's how to protect yourself and your company from losing out to the bots.

Jacob Loveless

Navigating Meta's Mixed Messages

How to start betting on Facebook's Meta'ing.

YouTube ad revenue is down, is TikTok to blame?

The company assures that the slowdown of the platform is linked to the global environment with problems in the supply chain, inflation and wars, but does not mention its aggressive competition.

According to a study carried out in the United Kingdom, those over 55 are not satisfied with the way they are represented in advertising

This is an important segment of the population with purchasing power that is practically ignored by advertising campaigns.

3 Big Reasons Social Media Is Critical to Your Multi-Touch Marketing Strategy

As part of a multi-touch marketing strategy, social media brings your brand to life, enables you to engage directly with your target audience, and cost-effectively expands your reach.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Through Amazon

Simple errors can quickly upend your Amazon selling strategy. Learn how to avoid those mistakes and maximize your reach on the world's top seller platform.

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5 Steps to Creating Successful Marketing Campaigns

From startups to Fortune 100 brands, great marketing teams share common strategies to create compelling campaigns.

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This Often-Overlooked Strategy Is Actually an Advertising Breakthrough — and It's Here to Stay

Better view-through rate, a unique ability to reach young and influential buyers and true precision are just a few of its advantages.

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5 Things CMOs Need To Know About Modern PR

Many chief marketing officers are used to the old ways of doing PR and are still tracking and analyzing their PR efforts based on irrelevant data that has nothing to do with the actual results and effectiveness of their campaigns.

Omri Hurwitz

The Surprising Secret to Getting More Eyes On Your Ads

There's one thing that all consumers seems to know and love.

Gene Marks

Burger King is sued for misleading advertising on the size of its products

It is not the first time it happens. False advertising seems to be a common practice among fast food chains.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Paid Ads

Amazon is in hot water over its paid ad strategy, and leaders of smaller brands must learn from its mistakes.