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Attention Developers: Get MS Visual Studio Professional 2022 for Just $45

Microsoft Visual Studio can make working with large-scale and complex projects easier and more manageable.


How to Leverage Short-Form Content to Boost Your App Downloads — 5 Proven Strategies

Mastering short-form content is crucial for your app's growth. Here are five ways you can leverage it to get more app downloads.

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Meet the 16-Year-Old Stanford Intern Whose AI Project Could Save Your Life — Plus 5 Other Young Tech Visionaries Recognized By Apple

Apple announced four new "Everyone Can Code" projects that will help students learn and refine their app-development skills.

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Why the Future of Mobile App Development Will Live on the Web

As with all major enterprises, pursuing growth and protection of market share will always reign supreme over innovation.

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How to Choose a Low-Code Development Platform That Has Your Best Interests In Mind

As low-code platforms continue to reshape the application development landscape, the need for more flexible pricing models is evident.


How to Make Money With Your App: 5 Monetization Strategies To Try

Choosing a way to monetize your app is crucial to the longevity of your app. Here are five monetizations strategies that will satisfy your users and ensure your company is profitable.


I Left Google to Pursue No-Code — Here's How It Changed My Perspective on Bringing Products to Life

Leaving Google, struggling to find a technical co-founder, and not acting on ideas — no-code shifted my perspective on bringing products to life.

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How to Build an App When You Have No Coding Knowledge or Programming Skills

The world is moving towards a no-code era. In this article, we'll discuss what no-code app builders are, how they work, and why founders and startups should opt for them to build an application.

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4 Tips for Not Getting Scammed When Outsourcing Software Development

If you're in need of a contractor to provide this vital service, know the warning signs of a sketchy company.

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India Is A Leading Hub In Global App Innovation Ecosystem, Says Aditya Swamy

The Google Play partnership director also said that the company will continue to invest in India to encourage budding innovations

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Learn to Code and Prove Your Education with CPD Credits

This $40 coding education course bundle can give you valuable CPD credits.

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Government To Launch Electric Vehicle Super App

The app aims to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles and ease range anxiety of end users


Build Mobile Apps Without Any Design Skills

This program offers an intuitive app development environment that makes it easy to build and manage apps without any technical expertise.

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Why Low-Code Platforms Are the Developer Shortage Solution People Aren't Talking About

Developer shortage solutions tend to pendulum between offshoring and establishing more coding schools, but there's a third solution.

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Learn the World's Most Popular Programming Language

Start your web development journey by learning JavaScript.