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Apple CEO Tim Cook Dishes to Dua Lipa About His Succession Plan: 'I'll Be There A While'

Cook spoke with the pop star on the latest episode of her "Dua Lipa: At Your Service" podcast.

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A Jazz Critic Missed Out on a $6 Million Fortune By Selling His Apple Stock for About 1/700 of Its Value Today

"I probably should have bought those shares back when [Steve] Jobs returned to Apple."

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Meet the 16-Year-Old Stanford Intern Whose AI Project Could Save Your Life — Plus 5 Other Young Tech Visionaries Recognized By Apple

Apple announced four new "Everyone Can Code" projects that will help students learn and refine their app-development skills.

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Reportedly Hospitalized in Mexico City

The tech founder was scheduled to speak at the World Business Forum on Wednesday.


Steve Wozniak, cofundador de Apple, hospitalizado en la Ciudad de México

El emprendedor, filántropo y gurú tecnológico se encontraba en México para dictar una conferencia.


Esta actriz y cantante le habló a Tim Cook para pedirle que corrigiera el modo en el que Siri pronunciaba su nombre

Barbra Streisand es una de las pocas personas que han ganado el Emmy, el Grammy, el Oscar y el Tony; además le gusta que su apellido se pronuncie correctamente.

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Why the Future of Mobile App Development Will Live on the Web

As with all major enterprises, pursuing growth and protection of market share will always reign supreme over innovation.


Reportes indican que Apple invertirá $1,000 millones de dólares para no quedarse atrás en el desarrollo de su inteligencia artificial

La tecnológica pretende incursionar de lleno en el mercado de la inteligencia artificial generativa y utilizar esta tecnología en diferentes productos, empezando por Siri, su popular asistente virtual.

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A Goldman Partner Reportedly Blasted Apple's Savings Accounts as a Mistake: 'We Should Have Never Done This F—ing Thing'

Apple announced earlier this year that users had deposited more than $10 billion into savings accounts.

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What BlackRock's Earnings Tell You About The Stock Market Tide

BlackRock's earnings can often act as a proxy for economic and market outlooks, arm yourself witht he right knowledge to beat the market this quarter

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Tim Cook's Daily Routine: The Schedule of the Apple CEO Who Wakes Up at 3:45 a.m. and Reads Hundreds of Customer Emails a Day

In meetings, he reportedly has no problem "sitting in silence" until he gets a suitable answer.


Apple prepara Pegasus, su propio motor de búsqueda

El objetivo de la empresa es competir con Google y generar mayores ingresos por publicidad mediante un buscador exclusivo para sus productos.

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5 Statements Made by Satya Nadella at the US vs. Google Antitrust Trial

The lawsuit alleges Google's unlawful domination of online search by exclusionary tactics, including denying rivals access to search queries and clicks. Google currently dominates the search engine space with a 90 per cent share.