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Tim Cook habló sobre su relación con Elon Musk: "Es importante interactuar cuando hay desacuerdo"

El CEO de Apple platicó con GQ sobre su controvertida relación con el multimillonario.

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'Never Seen a Glitch Like This': Apple Weather App Malfunctions, Frustrated iOS Users Get Caught in the Rain

The Weather app appeared to be down for many users on Tuesday.

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Apple's Steve Jobs: An Extraordinary Career

Ever wondered how Steve Jobs was so successful? Discover the answers in this comprehensive overview of his life, career and death.

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Apple Is Reportedly Beginning a Small Round of Layoffs

The move is being positioned as a "streamlining effort."

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Apple To Eliminate Small Number Of Jobs In Its Corporate Retail Teams: Report

The report further noted that the jobs Apple's cutting is in the division that handles building and upkeep for its retail stores, and affected employees have been told that they have until the end of the week to apply for other positions at the company

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Will Apple Acquire Disney? An Influential Analyst Thinks So. 'Worth More Together.'

A merger would increase Apple's value by 15% to 25%.

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Apple Pay Later Rolls Out to Selected Users — Here's How It Works

The company originally revealed its new 'buy now and pay later' software last June, which is set to fully roll out on iOS 16 this year.

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I Downloaded Every App of the Day for 1 Year. Here Are the Traits That Set Them Apart From the Rest.

Here are eight common traits of top apps (and how to apply them to your product).

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A Popular Internet Browser Might Be Draining Your Battery — Here's How to Fix It

The option will be available for all users this week.


Según un estudio, los fundadores de startups más exitosos tienen esta edad (y no, no están en sus 20's)

A pesar del éxito de emprendedores como Bill Gates y Steve Jobs, que tenían poco más de 20 años cuando fundaron empresas ahora tremendamente exitosas, la investigación indica que sus historias son una excepción, no la norma.


Un iPhone 2007 cerrado de primera generación se vendió en una subasta por 100 veces su precio original

El icónico teléfono se vendió por más de lo que cuesta un Tesla Model Y.

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The Most Successful Startup Founders Are This Age, Study Finds (And No, It's Not Early 20s)

Despite the success of entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who were both in their early 20s when they started now wildly successful companies, research finds that those stories are the exception, not the norm.


Meses después de su lanzamiento, los nuevos iPhone 14 llegaron por fin a Colombia

Tras los retrasos por una demanda de Ericsson por el tema del 5G, todos los modelos del iPhone 14 ya pueden comprarse a través de los distribuidores oficiales en Colombia.