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Starting a Business

When Her Department Was Suddenly Sold, She Decided to Build Her Own Business — And the Customers Followed. Here's Her Advice for Making Things Happen for Yourself.

Livia Anne Guarnieri, founder of TROIKA360, details her unexpected entrepreneurial journey and the power of finding your niche in business.

Growth Strategies

Redefining Mobility: The Story of an Unconventional Journey in Automotive Innovation

Marcus Paleti, an entrepreneur with a track record of venture building stumbled upon the automotive world in 2016. While waiting for a friend in a private members club in London, Marcus found himself around engineers discussing plans for a hybrid electric vehicle, including the Late Tim Hearley, a former shareholder of Aston Martin and Jensen.

Growth Strategies

DriveArabia Founder Mashfique Chowdhury On How An Unwavering Commitment to Integrity and Honesty Has Led To His Enterprise's 20th Anniversary

"Earning a reputation in the automotive industry has certainly been the hardest part of this journey, but it eventually came once DriveArabia's audience numbers grew organically."

Side Hustle

He Launched His Creative Side Hustle Out of a Garage. Now It's Worth $225 Million.

Tom Humble, CXO and founder of E.C.D. Automotive Design, followed his passion for custom auto design into big business.

Growth Strategies

Saudi Arabia-Based Syarah Opens The Largest Car Refurbishing and Servicing Center In The MENA Region

Syarah aims to strengthen its position as a key player in the online car marketplace in Saudi Arabia.


How Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Is Cleverly Driving Towards a 5% Market Share

Piyush Arora, MD & CEO, Škoda Auto Volkswagen India, unveils his plans to keep the ball rolling for the Indian market. From increasing capacities, expanding market share to scaling up exports, the German company has an aggressive plan of action for 2023

News and Trends

Luxury Cars: Need For Speed In Tier II, Tier III Cities

Companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Lamborghini and others see potential in emerging markets of Tier II and Tier III cities. Ludhiana, Udaipur, Kanpur, Mysore, among others, where there are high numbers of NRIs and HNIs have seen high penetration of luxury cars

News and Trends

How Auto Companies Fared In May

While Maruti Suzuki marked a 10 per cent year-on-year(YoY) jump in total sales, Tata Motors total sales declined almost 1.6 per cent YoY

News and Trends

Lexus: Getting the 'Luxe' Factor Right For Luxury Cars

From clocking a significant amount of revenue from smaller towns to navigating the macroeconomic headwinds, Lexus has cracked the code for the Indian market. However, it is vigilant. "We need to carefully watch as we go towards the second or maybe the third quarter of 2023," says Naveen Soni, president, Lexus India

News and Trends

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Behind This Company's Disruptive Approach to Automotive Cybersecurity

The entrepreneurial mindset is all about identifying new opportunities, taking calculated risks, and finding creative solutions to complex problems. For Vikash Chaudhary, who started HackersEra in 2015, the opportunity was clear: to address the growing cybersecurity concerns in the automotive industry


EV Takes Centre Stage Amid Paradigm Shift in Automotive Industry

India is shifting gears to attain its ambitious climate change goal and generation of electric power from non-fossil fuels by 2030


UAE-Based OWS Automotive Partners With KSA's King Abdullah Economic City To Establish Automotive Facility

OWS Saudi Arabia by King Abdullah Economic City and UAE-based global automotive service provider OWS is expected to create nearly 1,000 new jobs in Saudi Arabia.


Why the Automotive Industry Needs a More Unique Approach to Marketing

The automotive industry has to have a unique approach to marketing. Here's what they need to consider.

Growth Strategies

Why General Motors Believes Startups Are A Key Component To The Success Of Its Global Strategy

Looking more broadly at the future of our region, the contributions of startups are set to grow exponentially, considering accelerators, incubators, and government-led initiatives and various in-person events right across the region.

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Myles has added 11,622 new customers in the last two years. There was an increase in overall customer requests by 84% in 2021