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Different Strategies in Creating a Seamless B2B E-commerce 'Omni Channel Platform'

Here are some of the strategies B2B firms can employ to create an omni-channel customer experience across all stages of the customer journey


Bring Your B2B Industrial Marketing Game to the 3rd Dimension

With large and constantly evolving product lines, maintaining a single version of truth can be hard sometimes but this is what you can do

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#4 Reasons Why IndiaMART's IPO was Oversubscribed

On the final day, the IPO was oversubscribed almost 36 times

Growth Strategies

The Role of PR in the Changing B2B Landscape

A solid PR strategy can make a company scale new heights and can enable companies to connect with partners, suppliers, customers and investors that help them grow

Growth Strategies

The Landscape and the Big B2B Opportunity

The platform's first task would be to create a reasonably large focused business community in the chosen vertical to serve as the magnet for companies to gravitate towards it for finding and engaging with customers

Growing a Business

How to Avoid a 'Snoozefest' and Instead Execute a Well-Regarded B2B Event

Remember the tale about the strait-laced conference attendees forced to suffer through line dancing and mechanical bull-riding?

Growing a Business

How a Million-Dollar Deal Helped These Coffee Entrepreneur Brothers Partner With Walmart

The Barrow brothers, owners of Denver-based Boyer's Coffee, recently launched an exclusive line for the retail giant.

Growth Strategies

What's Driving the Startup Ecosystem in Mumbai?

Understanding the hidden potential in Mumbai's disruptive organizations

Growth Strategies

5 Reasons why B2B E-Commerce is Not Just About Price

All of this will give the B2B customer the experience they are used to, along with the speed and convenience

Growth Strategies

Integration: The Key to a Seamless M&A Transition

Here's what midsize target companies should know about merger and acquisitions


Top Marketing Automation Trends of 2019 and Beyond

These will empower brands to gather and analyse user data, create meaningful user segments and run highly targeted campaigns with communication that is personalized and highly contextual

Business Process

The 5 Biggest Opportunities for B2B Sales Growth in 2019

Data-backed strategies are likely to have the greatest impact on your success.


How to Build Strong Consumer Trust for Your Product in Market

Here's how you can win consumer trust and keep it intact to build your brand


Entrepreneur's Business Dictionary: 15 Business Terms You Need to Know

It's time to brush up your basics, for it is important to become an aware entrepreneur along with being a successful one!

Growth Strategies

How to Crack the Highly Competitive EdTech Sector in Asia

In-depth research of the target demographics is of immense importance before venturing into the APAC market