Amazon Posts Crypto Job Listing, Bitcoin Skyrockets

Bitcoin hit a six-week high of nearly $39,043 and Ethereum hit $2,363.

What the Most Recent Crypto Bull Run Means for DeFi

As crypto's popularity continues to surge, the opportunities are endless.

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Bitcoin Bolstered As Amazon Appears To Dip Its Toe Into Crypto World

Bitcoin sees a spike in price as Amazon shows interest in digital currency.

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Why Energy Concerns Around Blockchain May Be a Misconception

For those concerned about blockchain's energy consumption, it's important to consider the difference between proof-of-stake and proof-of-work blockchains.

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It's Time to Learn About Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Crypto is often in the news. Here's how to understand what it means.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will 'Likely' Accept Bitcoin Again

During a live-streamed conversation with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey for the B Word Conference, Musk said "It looks like bitcoin is shifting a lot more towards renewables."

It wasn't Bitcoin mining! All 3,800 PlayStation played FIFA to get prizes and resell them

The investigation revealed that the 3,800 PlayStation 4s, which they initially thought were used for Bitcoin mining, were actually programmed to automatically play FIFA and earn Ultimate Team cards.

Crypto Experts Weigh in on Plummeting Bitcoin Valuation, $89 Billion Crypto Market Loss: 'Any effort to innovate has volatility'

Bitcoin fell below $30,000 for the first time since the end of June, wiping around $89 billion from the cryptocurrency market in the process. 

How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Can Revolutionize Businesses

A brief overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency's various benefits and applications and how they can transform businesses.

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Want to Buy a Franchise, But Don't Have the Cash? This Company Wants You to Buy In With Crypto.

Florida-based moving franchise College Hunks is hoping to cash in on alternative payment methods.

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Glossary from A to Z to understand the new world of personal finance

The fintech era is here to stay and make financial life more comfortable, but if you still don't know what it is about, this note is for you.

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Cryptocurrency mining farm found using nearly 3,800 PlayStation 4 and stolen electricity

Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency with your PlayStation 4 console, a few super powerful processors, and a lot of electricity.