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Teamonk Raises INR 3.5 Crore In Pre-Series A Funding, Led By Inflection Point Ventures

The fund will be utilised for the brand's domestic penetration and exploring uncharted territories in international markets


The Importance of An Effective Marketing Strategy in Reaching Your Business Goals

Establishing an online presence, engaging with consumers, and building trust with your audience will place your brand at the top of mind. A powerful marketing strategy results in these five benefits to drive ROI.

Growing a Business

Ready to Expand Your Brand? Don't Make These 4 Critical Mistakes

Make sure you know why you want to expand, make sure you have the cash required to expand -- then avoid making these four mistakes.


Meet 6 of the Top New And Emerging Franchises

Here's how some of the hottest new franchise concepts got their start.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

Entrepreneur Features Emerging Brands

New series profiles the best up-and-coming franchise concepts.

Growing a Business

3 Things a Personal Brand Gives You

Personal branding is about visibility, portability and a platform.


10 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Be Online in 2022

The internet has become the great equalizer as opportunities continue to increase in the online space.

Science & Technology

5 Tips for Creating Innovative UX Design

These intangible principles should be in place to guide you through the fairly ambiguous realm of UX design.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

6 Franchise Umbrella Brands That Franchisees Should Know About

These big franchise groups represent key categories.

Thought Leaders

What Is Your Brand Saying About You?

Growing a brand is a journey. Do it right, and you'll be rewarded.

Growing a Business

Behind the Scenes of a Company Rebrand

Through the rebranding process, I learned the importance of concepts like company UX.


Dear Brit: How Do I Set My Brand Designer Up for Success?

What to do when you brand is still a blank canvas.

Thought Leaders

This Simple Ecommerce Strategy Will Unify All Your Sales Channels

Building a memorable brand in the hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape has never been more challenging. This article offers actionable advice on how brands can rise above the ecommerce noise and stand out from their competition.


Step 1 to Personal Brand Building is Not What You Think

Most personal branding advisors will incorrectly tell you that the first step of personal brand building is creating content.

Starting a Business

5 Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face When Creating a Brand Name

Naming your brand is a major step for any entrepreneur and comes with a unique set of challenges.