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Seven Things I've Learned From Running A Business In Dubai

Thriving in this Middle Eastern supercity demands flexibility, authenticity, and above all, a brilliant team.

Three Trends That My Startup Capitalized On To Successfully Navigate The COVID-19 Crisis

As a society, we have teleported into the future where mobile apps, Zoom calls, and online grocery deliveries have become the norm.

Five Common Presentation Shortfalls (And How to Fix Them)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business leader, or a professional speaker, presenting is something you'll find yourself doing often, and mistakes are prone to happen.

To Succeed In A Virtual Workforce Era, Effective Digital Leadership Skills Are A Must

As working from home becomes part of the new norm, our reliance on a virtual workforce raises the question: how do we cultivate a harmonious relationship with technology?

Dubai-Based Lunchbox Startup Citron Eyes Up Asia And Europe Markets As It Raises Pre-Series A Investment From Arzan Venture Capital

The funding is a "sizeable seven-figure dollar" investment, and will be used to further growth and product development.

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Why Gender Equality And Women-Centric Policies Make Good Business Sense

Having a diverse, gender-balanced, and inclusive organization is no longer an option– it is a necessity of the times.
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Dubai-Headquartered Staytus Has Launched A Web-Based Chat Platform Built Exclusively For Hospitality (And It's Being Offered For Free)

As a company that specializes in digital communications for hotels and resorts, the Dubai-headquartered Staytus probably didn't shock anyone when it launched Hotel Chat, a web-based service it billed as "the world's first chat platform built exclusively for hospitality."
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Neha Mishra's Kinoya Aims To Change The Japanese Cuisine Narrative In Dubai

As a restaurant that's aiming to "change the Japanese cuisine narrative in Dubai," Kinoya has been garnering a lot of attention ahead of its launch in April this year.
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Shining A Light On The UAE's Culture: VIP & Protocol Events Management Makes A Mark As The First All-Emirati Events Management Company

In addition to the basic services of events management, VIP & Protocol also organizes training sessions where international clients can get a better understanding of the country's culture and etiquettes.
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Disruptive Change: How Entrepreneurship Is Shaking Up The UAE's Fitness Sector

Startups or early-stage businesses are in the privileged position of being able to adopt a new and fresh approach to their product delivery or operations, completely free of any shackles from legacy, outdated practices, or ways of thinking.
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The UAE Ministry Of Health And Prevention's Saqr Al Hemeiri On Building A Culture Of Innovation

"Unifying the vision and aim for these initiatives, and aligning them with a strategic direction, has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of our individual efforts and innovative contributions."
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Digital Solutions Company WaysMaze Is Taking Advantage Of The Digital Transformation Wave That's Sweeping Over

The one-stop shop company provides digital solutions and services ranging from software development, to immersive reality such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and more.
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Cloud Kitchen Platform Kaykroo Debuts Entrepreneur Program To Bring International Restaurant Concepts To The UAE

The UAE-headquartered foodtech company has already secured exclusive partnerships with select establishments from Lebanon and Turkey, giving them a boost to scale their businesses.
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Spero Panagakis' BB Social Dining Is Bringing A Sense Of Community To Dubai's F&B Scene

Much like the Arabic word its name is derived from ("habibi"), the restaurant wants to embody harmony and love in its community, which is why BB brands its style of food as "social dining."
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11 Startups Set To Find Potential Co-Founders As Dubai Startup Hub Launches Second Cycle Of Its Co-Founder Dubai Program

The startups are set to receive training support, legal and HR advice, digital tools that can help startup owners, as well as pitching sessions with investors and industry experts.