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Running for Cover- Business Unusual

At Entrepreneur, we believe the best learning an entrepreneur can get is from an entrepreneur. We asked founders to share a turnaround story of their company

Starting a Business

Ayesha Curry Has Built a Business Empire -- and She's Still Learning

The entrepreneur turned a YouTube channel into a lifestyle brand, including a book, restaurants, and TV gigs. Her guiding principle: Treat every step as an education.

Starting a Business

This Serial Entrepreneur is Making Big Bucks From A 'Boring' Business

Sreevathsa Prabhakar, founder and CEO of Servify, shares his story of making a 'not-so-cool' business successful. Prabhakar divulges how he made his 'operationally intense' business commercially successful and won the trust of investors.

Starting a Business

The Impact Investor

Mukesh Sharma on investment in social enterprises that use the power of tech.

Growth Strategies

How This Entrepreneur Caters To 3400 Clients With A Team Of Just Eight

Vikas quit his job in 2013 and built a Flipboard like mobile app before pivoted his business into a digital marketing agency

Growth Strategies

Know The Smart Question That These 3 Entrepreneurs Ask While Hiring

Founders share one go-to interview query they ask in a successful hiring process that helped them hire intelligently


A Quirky Brand Name, Coupled With a Creative Module Does Wonders

Jeff Bezos had looked through the dictionary to settle for Amazon, not only because its sounds 'exotic and different' but also because its start with 'A', so alphabetically too it would be on the top of the charts.


The Binky App Wants To Satisfy Your Smartphone Browsing Cravings By Doing Nothing

Binky app incorporates everything that a social network has today- and yet does nothing.

Growth Strategies

The Capital Connector for Entrepreneurs

Singhal drafts few to-dos for entrepreneurs before betting on them – first, tell him why you are passionate about a particular thing and not just for the sake of it.


Not Just Another Money Guy

Dhol shares what clicked him for three businesses which are next in line to 'arrive'. Happy Pitching!

News and Trends

Why I Cut the Cheque

Rahul Chandra meets founders three to five times in around one-three months before cutting the cheque.

Thought Leaders

How Patience, Grit and Beer Helped This Entrepreneur Finally Find Success

Thinking he would be able to find success in a few short years, this founder learned the hard way that entrepreneurs must be in it for the long haul.


Made For The Middle East: Halla Walla Offers Emojis That Are Characteristics To Arab Culture

Driven to alter the perception of Arabs in the West, especially with the current state of discourse worldwide, the duo set out to create Halla Walla to depict expressions and emotions in colloquial conversations representative of the region.