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You Could Buy Your Next Car on Amazon, Seriously — But There's a Not-So-Convenient Catch

The list of items available for purchase on the massive ecommerce platform keeps growing.

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Drivers Are Ditching Their Cars — 'Give Car Back' Searches Spike Amid Soaring Ownership Costs

Monthly payments for new cars have risen by 28% over the past three years, with new car prices averaging $46,229 in June.

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Woman Trapped Under Driverless Car in San Francisco Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries

"There was no driver and no passenger in the car to be able to tell us what happened," San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Justin Schorr said of the scene.


An Easy Way to Stay Safer on the Road: This Dash Cam Features Front and Rear Cameras

This rearview mirror-mounted dash cam with dual cameras is just $95.99.


Entrepreneur Autos Test Drive: Mazda CX-50 and CX-90 PHEV

Does this compact crossover SUV and full-size hybrid deliver all the zoom-zoom you need?

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Traffic Jam Caused by Self-Driving Cars in San Francisco Sparks Outcry and Safety Concerns

Self-driving vehicles have hit the streets of San Francisco, and some locals are less than thrilled, especially after an unexpectedly traffic jam was triggered over the weekend.


How Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Is Cleverly Driving Towards a 5% Market Share

Piyush Arora, MD & CEO, Škoda Auto Volkswagen India, unveils his plans to keep the ball rolling for the Indian market. From increasing capacities, expanding market share to scaling up exports, the German company has an aggressive plan of action for 2023

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A 14-Year-Old Who Broke into Nearly 40 Cars Was Inspired by Viral TikTok Trend, According to Police Reports

The TikTok trend, dubbed the "Kia Challenge," has become a nationwide issue, with young individuals sharing car theft techniques online.


'Barbie' Is Driving a Huge Surge in Vintage Car Buying Says Hagerty CEO

McKeel Hagerty, CEO of automotive enthusiast brand Hagerty, discusses how movies, TV and gaming are fueling a new generation of passionate car collectors.

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Uber Launches 'Carshare' Service in North America Amid Expanded 'Go Green' Initiatives

The company first launched its car-sharing service in Australia last year.

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67 Million Potentially Defective Airbags Are Being Recalled But the Manufacturer Is Denying the Request

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cited nine cases of defective airbags resulting in severe injury, two of which were fatal, but the manufacturer disagrees with the order.

Green Entrepreneur

How Maserati Recharged Its Brand

Davide Grasso, Global CEO of Maserati, discusses rebuilding the iconic car company with their first all-electric vehicle.

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In March, Cars Sold Below Sticker Price for First Time in 2 Years. Will Prices Continue to Drop?

The average amount that Americans spent on a new car last month was $171 below the average sticker price.

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Lexus: Getting the 'Luxe' Factor Right For Luxury Cars

From clocking a significant amount of revenue from smaller towns to navigating the macroeconomic headwinds, Lexus has cracked the code for the Indian market. However, it is vigilant. "We need to carefully watch as we go towards the second or maybe the third quarter of 2023," says Naveen Soni, president, Lexus India