Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace Adversity and Challenge, Says the CEO of Mecum Auctions

Dave Magers discusses preserving a great brand's heritage while taking risks to grow its reach.

Cheap Buys: These 3 Stocks are Now Trading Under $20

These three long-term winners have dipped to levels that make them attractive buys.

MarketBeat Staff

Uber Fails To Impress

If you thought ride hailing app Uber (NYSE: UBER) was going to deliver the stock market from the horrendous start to the years it's had, think again.

Sam Quirke

The billionaire who drove his Bugatti Veyron at more than 257 mph in Germany will not be sanctioned

He achieved the feat driving at dawn on a section of the motorway that runs from Hannover to Berlin.

Audi presents a concept car designed for mega cities

The urbansphere Concept will help passengers make the most of the time they spend commuting and will offer a number of applications to help them avoid stress.

Faced with the shortage of electronic components Lada, the Russian car brand, will return to manufacture mechanical vehicles

A Croatian media outlet assures that the lack of semiconductors and electronic components forces the company to manufacture its cars they way it did in the 1990s.

4 Downtrodden EV Stocks: Buy the Dip

Looking for stocks that deserve a hard look right now? Take a look at these four EV stocks.

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3 Mid-Cap Auto Stocks to Buy Ahead of Earnings

The U.S. auto industry had another unusual year in 2021. The ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and global microchip shortages turned what was supposed to be a year of recovery into...

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Prices for New Vehicles Hit Record High: Kelley Blue Book

"New-vehicle average transaction prices (ATPs) increased further into record territory in December 2021 to reach $47,077," said the Kelley Blue Book report published Tuesday.

The Epoch Times

3 Stocks Coming Out Hot in 2022

These are three week one winners that appear to have plenty more upside.

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Used Car Prices Surge 39 Percent Over 12 months Through November

A used car in the United States costs approximately 39 percent more than what it did a year back.

FuelCell Energy Goes Up In Smoke 

FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) is an interesting play on green energy technologies but the Q4 results prove only one thing, the market for this technology is tenuous because the technology...

Thomas Hughes