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What Does Perdue Feed Its Chickens? Now You Can Try It For Yourself

"Chix Mix," a product made for human consumption, is filled with the same ingredients that Perdue feeds its chickens.

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Tyson Is Recalling Nearly 30,000 Pounds of Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets Over Contamination Concerns

The recall comes after consumers reportedly found metal pieces.

Growing a Business

Josh Halpern of Shaq's BIG CHICKEN on BIG Fun and BIG Ideas

Interview with Big Chicken CEO Josh Halpern about big fun and big work with Shaquille O'Neal, opening a restaurant in space, and moving as one team with one dream.

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Food Waste Is a Problem. These Entrepreneurial Brothers Believe They've Found a Sustainable Solution.

A chicken company called Do Good Foods hopes to combat the dual concerns of food waste and climate change.

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Who Is Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson? Chicken-Heir Arrested for Drunkenly Falling Asleep in the Wrong House

John Tyson is the great-grandson of Tyson Foods founder John W. Tyson.

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Internet Loses It Over $90 Chicken Fingers in The Hamptons

A viral video is making its rounds showing an exorbitant price for chicken fingers at a popular restaurant.

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Signs of Bird Flu Outbreak Trigger Swift Reactions Across the U.S.

Over the past week, officials have confirmed the discovery of avian influenza in several U.S. poultry facilities.

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Wendy's Just Debuted a New Chicken-Sandwich-Flavored Snack

The new crisps hit aisles in June.

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Chick-fil-A is Facing a Sauce Shortage, and People Are Losing Their Minds

Drive-thru lines are about to get even longer than normal.

Science & Technology

Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next Few Years

Get this: The renowned paleontologist who inspired 'Jurassic Park' is attempting to recreate dinosaurs by reversing the evolution of the modern-day chicken.

Women Entrepreneur™

The Chicken Queen

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! Perizaad Zorabian has spun the world of chicken delight to her liking. She came, she saw, she conquered the chicken space and made it her own


Why the Next Technological Revolution in Alternative Meat Is Chicken

By investing more research and development into plant-based chicken products, it may not be long before consumers are squawking for more of them.

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Tyson Is Misleading Customers With Its New '100 Percent Plant-Based' Nuggets

There is too much at stake for anything containing animal products to co-opt the plant-based label and all the good it stands for.

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KFC Is Launching Its First-Ever Vegan Fried 'Chicken' Burger

The 'Imposter Burger' is made from meat substitute and is coated in the Colonel's Original Recipe herbs and spices.


Gobbling Down The Meaty Pie

In the unorganized set up of the industry, dominated by local market mom-and-pop butcher shops and traders, quality is never an issue.