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Travis Kelce's Boomer-Esque Spelling Error Inspires Chipotle to Temporarily Change Its Name

The company even modified the sign at a Kansas City Chipotle.

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See Chipotle's New Robots That Can Crank Out Nearly 200 Burrito Bowls an Hour

A robot could soon be making your next Chipotle burrito bowl.


Chipotle Is Crying Fowl at Sweetgreen for Stealing Its Name

The Mexican food chain is suing the salad and bowls chain for its new menu item, the 'Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl.'

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'Shoot Them': Disgruntled Customers Attack Chipotle Workers Who Won't Give Them Extra Cheese

The incident occurred on March 28 in Columbus, Ohio.

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The NFL's JJ Watt Just Sacked Chipotle On Twitter

In a tweet, the Arizona Cardinal defensive pro-bowler expressed displeasure with his diminutive Chipotle burrito.

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Chipotle to Pay $20 Million to Workers in Largest of its Kind Settlement

The payout affects approximately 13,000 employees of the fast-casual chain.


I Ditched My Stock Portfolio And Put Money Into a Franchise. Here Are The 4 Steps I Followed.

Stocks and crypto face an uncertain future, but small business owners have thrived in tested periods of economic downfall. I divested half of my stock portfolio and put my money in a franchise. Here are the four crucial steps I followed.

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Chipotle Rolls Out Spicy New Item That's Been 'Among the Top Requested Menu Items' According to the Chain

Chipotle Rewards members will have first access to the spicy new meat via the chain's app and website on September 21 and 22.


Chipotle lanza un nuevo producto picante que ha estado 'entre los elementos del menú más solicitados' según la cadena

Los miembros de Chipotle Rewards tendrán acceso por primera vez a la nueva carne picante a través de la aplicación y el sitio web de la cadena el 21 y 22 de septiembre.

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Despite Major Menu-Price Increases, Chipotle Crushes Earnings

The company's restaurant-level operating market was the highest since Q3 of 2015.


A pesar de los importantes aumentos en el precio del menú, Chipotle aplasta las ganancias

El mercado operativo a nivel de restaurante de la empresa fue el más alto desde el tercer trimestre de 2015.