Climate Change


Analyzing The Impact On -And What's Next For- The Middle East After The UAE's Momentous Staging Of COP28

The United Nations climate conference in Dubai made history last month, uniting nearly 200 nations to adopt a resolution to "transition away" from coal, oil and gas in this decade.


Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed Highlights His Impact Investing Journey At Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023

The conversation also saw Prince Khaled share insights on food technology's important role in the climate crisis, as well as the wider investment landscape of climate financing.

Growth Strategies

Transformative Action: The Crucial Role Creative Industries Can Play In Realizing The GCC's Climate Agenda

The creative industries, mainly performing arts and craft design, stand as unsung heroes in the quest for sustainability.


Masters Of Change, Episode 5: Salaal Hasan, CEO, Ahya

In this episode, Hasan talks at length about how AI and machine learning can help overcome existing limitations of data measurement in the region.

Growth Strategies

Hari Krishna Exports Founder Savji Dholakia On How Philanthropy Can be Geared Towards Climate Change

A conversation with Padma Shri laureate Savji Dholakia, the founder of the multi-generation family business, Hari Krishna Exports, on increasing access to water in rural India

Business News

'We Think It's Overhyped': AI Is in For a Humble Reality Check in 2024, Analysts Say

Analyst firm CCS Insight predicts the generative artificial intelligence (AI) space is poised for a "cold shower" in 2024.

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: Tunisia-Based RoboCare's Tech-Driven Agronomic Solutions Help Farmers Navigate Climate-Change-Related Issues

By integrating satellite, drone, and IoT sensors onto its platform, RoboCare provides optimal technical solutions for individual farming needs.

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Want to Go Green? A New Study Says Full-Time Remote Workers Slash Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Half

Hybrid employees, meanwhile, cut their emissions by a third.

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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Achieving a Net-Zero Business

From conducting a carbon footprint assessment to setting goals and investing in energy-efficient technologies, how to transform your company into a greenhouse gas emissions-neutral enterprise.

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When Will We Finally Put Our Money Where Our Food Grows?

With solutions within reach, additional funding can go a long way to turn the corner on shoring up sustainable food sources.

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A New 'EcoWarrior' Barbie Is Making Headlines. But It Turns Out It Was All a Hoax.

The fake Barbie was perpetrated by climate change activists using a phony website and press release — and it worked.

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Phoenix Has Hit 110 Degrees for a Month, But This One Invention Is Cooling Things Down a Tad

For the Arizona city amid a record-breaking heat wave, cool surfaces bring a modicum of relief.

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No More AC? Scientist Invents the 'World's Whitest Paint' To Cool Down Your House

The wonder paint reflects 95 percent of the sun's rays, making surfaces up to 19 degrees cooler.

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This July 4th May Have Been the Hottest Day on Earth in 125,000 Years

A perfect storm of climate change, El Niño, and summer is leading to temperatures not seen in millennia.

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn about Sustainability From the Cosmetic Industry

As entrepreneurs, it's our responsibility to lead the charge on climate change and contribute to a sustainable future.