Climate Change


Actor Bhumi Pednekar On Why It's Important To Care About Climate Change

In the current scenario, one of the biggest threats we face is that of climate change, and climate technology has evolved to become an important part of this process.

Business News

New York Becomes First State to Ban Gas Stoves in New Buildings

The measure will go into effect in 2026 for buildings seven stories or shorter and in 2029 for taller buildings.

News and Trends

Sustainability In the Supply Chain Is the Need Of the Hour

Rising temperatures, glacial ice caps melting, rise in sea levels, and extreme weather conditions bear serious consequences for global supply chains


Bad Weather Won't Ruin Your Vacation Anymore — One Company Will Pay You to Enjoy It Rain or Shine

Nick Cavanaugh founded Sensible Weather to solve an all-too-common problem and bring awareness to climate change.

Green Entrepreneur

Going, Going, Gone! Climate Change Is Causing More Baseball Homeruns

The American Meteorological Society found that at least 500 home runs since 2010 can be attributed to global warming.

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How Tech is Bolstering the Fight Against Food Insecurity

Entrepreneurs are leveraging tech to tackle our exploding population and ongoing food shortages.

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Want to Be More Sustainable? 4 Ways To Take Advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act

How going green can put you in the black.

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10 Billionaires Stepping Up to Fight Climate Change

Many wealthy people talk a big game in regard to sustainability, but these billionaire business leaders are making a difference.

Growth Strategies

The UAE's Sustainable Real Estate Sector Is Poised For Continued Growth And Innovation

With over 80% of investors now prioritizing sustainability, significant progress being made in the development of energy-efficient buildings, sustainable urban planning, and renewable energy projects, investors can profit from these investments over the long term.

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Mama Mia! The Venice Canals Are Running Dry.

Low tides are making it impossible for gondolas to pass through some of the famous Italian canals.


How AirCarbon Exchange Simply And Effectively Streamlines Carbon Trading

AirCarbon Exchange brings a traditional commodities-based architecture to the voluntary carbon market underpinned by a custom built and proprietary digital architecture.

News and Trends

Expo Live's Latest Cohort Opens Applications For Climate-Related Solutions Ahead Of The UAE's Hosting Of COP28

Applications for the program began on February 1, 2023, and will remain open until March 1, 2023.

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Here's What Elon Musk Really Thinks About Climate Change

While the Tesla CEO strongly believes in global warming, he's had more controversial views on combating the crisis.

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Digital Ads Are Fueling a Climate Disaster. Take These Steps to Offset The Industry's Hidden Toll on Our Planet.

Digital ads are destroying our planet and we're all part of the problem. Take these steps to be part of the solution.

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Electric Stoves Are Much Better for the Environment than Gas Stoves. Here's Why.

Recent studies show that gas stoves pose risks to your health and the environment.