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Slack Is Adding Email Conversations and Calendar Integrations

Its search function is getting overhauled, too.

AJ Dellinger

· 3 min read

Why Soft Skills Make Strong Networks

It is possible to do well, by doing good.

Ivan Misner

· 4 min read

Avoid Spelling and Grammar Errors in Email with This Award-Winning Writing Assistant

In the professional world, error-free writing is more important than you might think.

Entrepreneur Store

· 2 min read

Reducing the Communication Gap Between Employees and Management

When everyone knows what's going on, your company benefits.

Alexander Maasik

· 4 min read

What I Learned About Public Speaking From Starting My First Speaking Tour

We all have a message worth sharing, and sometimes we have to push ourselves to share it.

Haley Hoffman Smith

· 6 min read

How Humans Relate to Social Media

Too many people are disconnecting from reality.

Graham Young

· 7 min read

This Technology Can Help Leaders Better Understand Their Employees

Natural language processing technology may be the key to making leadership development a science.

Alan Todd

· 4 min read

3 Reasons You Need to Improve Your Writing

As a changemaker and entrepreneur, your work probably involves writing as a way to inform, persuade or connect with your audience.

Wes Kao

· 6 min read

12 Buzzwords to Say in Your Next Interview

Slipping in a buzzword or 10 during the interview process can be key.


· 7 min read