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10 Telltale Phrases That Indicate Somebody Isn't Telling the Truth

It's harder to tell a convincing lie than speak an unpleasant truth.

Deep Patel

· 9 min read

How to Fire Your Best Friend

Be direct. Be quick. And if they are still talking to you, help them find a new job.

Levi King

· 5 min read

Are You a Technical Founder? Here's How to Get Better at Communicating Your Vision.

It doesn't matter how great your product is if you can't explain it to others.

Hamlet Batista

· 6 min read

How to Deliver Bad News When It's Not Your Fault

People tend to shoot the messenger but there are ways to avoid the negative halo of bad news.

Wes Kao

· 7 min read

5 Science-Backed Tips to Manage Your Remote Team Effectively

Find ways to help your team bond, regardless of their actual locations.

Pritom Das

· 5 min read

Rallying Employees to Embrace New Management Practices

Management and workforce often approach new ideas from opposite directions. What distinguishes good managers is getting everybody on-board of their own volition, while walking the talk themselves.

Alexander Maasik

· 4 min read

Stop Interrupting and Listen to the Question

Not letting the questioner finish makes you look hasty or lacking in confidence.

Stacey Hanke

· 4 min read

Joe Rutland

· 4 min read

What Your Email Style Says About Your Personality

There are four basic email styles. Which one is yours?

Carol Tuttle

· 5 min read

Be the Leader Your People Want

Conscious leadership reduces turmoil.

Bob Rosen

· 4 min read