3 Ways for Leaders to Embrace the Cultural Quotient

Ensure your business is ready for the next evolution of innovation and growth.

Michael Shangkuan

3 Ways Language Learning Has Made Me a Better Leader

Three ways language learning can make you a better leader, as told by a Polyglot CEO.

Michael Shangkuan

Don't Be a Statistic in the Great Resignation: Prioritize Employees' Health to Retain and Attract Talent

The Great Resignation has led millions of Americans to quit their jobs and seek employment with companies that value them as human beings. Show your employees how important they are to you by prioritizing their mental and physical health and wellness.

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Cultural Fit Can Make or Break an M&A Deal

One of the most critical components for success -- cultural fit -- often falls by the wayside.

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Resist the Urge to Over-Americanize When You Decide to Expand Globally

Avoid common mistakes on your road to international growth, including a lack of cultural awareness.

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Free On-Demand Webinar: Driving Social Change & the Future of Retail with Foot Locker CEO Richard Johnson

Learn how the retail giant's Chairman/CEO Richard Johnson sees the future of retail, puts a community-centric approach at the heart of business strategy, and more. Watch now!

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These Are the Biggest Blind Spots in Diversity Initiatives, According to 8 Women Experts

It's not just about recruiting diverse talent. It's about building cultures where they will thrive.

Avoiding the Sea of Sameness: How Hiring for Culture Improves DEI

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The Role of Company Culture In Digital Transformation

Technological shifts will unavoidably impact company culture. Can it be for the better?

How this Ed Tech Company is Showing up as an Ally for Parents Like Me

Here's how Encantos is transforming the future of education and making allies of parents, and leaders of children, along the way.

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