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More Brands Are Losing Touch With Their Customers. Do These 4 Things to Make Sure Yours Isn't One of Them.

Despite the growth of online marketing and digital sales tactics, more brands are struggling to connect with their customers and target audiences. To reunite with them, they need to do these things.


Why Conversational Marketing Should Be a Priority for All Entrepreneurs

Businesses can leverage real-time, personalized interactions to enhance customer relationships and brand visibility.

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Spending the Most Really Does Win the Most Customers. Here's Why

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. You don't want to cheap out when it comes to customer retention.


5 Ways to Identify Influencers Worth Your Brand's Time and Money

Not all influencers are created equal. It's important to identify the key factors that make an influencer a good fit for your brand to avoid wasting time and money on someone who will not deliver the results you need.

Social Media

8 Effective Ways to Connect With Your Customer

Here's how you can stay ahead of the curve when connecting with customers in the digital age.

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Do You Judge People With Personal Brands? Here's Another Way to Think About It.

Maybe you see personal brands as indulgent and self-centered, or a waste of time better spent on other tasks. But consider this.

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Almost 25% of Your Email List Has Gone Bad in the Past Year. Here's How to Fix It.

Email lists degrade fast, and that affects your inbox reach. Here's how to make sure your subscribers are real so you can get the most out of the emails you send.

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5 Life-Changing Customer Service Secrets You Can Learn From Five-Star Hotels

Dramatically improve the customer service at your business by emulating the great hotels, including The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and Michael Dell's newest ultra-luxury property.


4 Ways Marketing Can Help Improve the Customer Onboarding Process

Here's how effective marketing can build trust, enhance brand reputation and reduce customer abandonment during onboarding.

Social Media

Here's Why Customer Engagement on Social Media Is Important to Your Brand

When you interact with your following on social media, it builds customer loyalty and brand awareness. Here's why.

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Want Loyal Customers? Teach Them Something New — Here's How Customer Education Programs Elevate Your Business

Many businesses think they can't afford to invest in customer ed programs, the truth is, they can't afford not to. Here's why.

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5 Ways Marketers Can Design a Frictionless Customer Experience

The ability to provide a frictionless customer experience is at the heart of a successful D2C business.

Thought Leaders

4 Ways to Become a Listening Leader Through Authentic Customer Relationships

With so many products in the marketplace, the key to success in an ever-changing digital and competitive landscape is to understand the hearts and minds of your customer

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4 Strategies European Restaurateurs Can Use to Build Loyalty and Attract Repeat Customers

Innovative ideas and reminders to get customers coming back again and again, even in an increasingly competitive industry.

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Is Your Company Hitting These Engagement Metrics? If Not, You're Going to Lose Customers.

Engagement isn't just an industry buzzword that you can ignore. If you care about retaining your customers, you care about engagement and you should care about measuring it.