Customer Relationship

5 Ways to Turn a Single Sale Into a Longstanding Relationship

The sales industry is about two things: trust and value. Here's how to harness the power of both and develop lasting relationships with customers.

Jonathan Silver

How to Create Authentic Relationships and Build Customer Trust

Relationship marketing is a valuable strategy to foster greater brand loyalty and increase customer retention. Here are some tips to get you started.

Matt Bertram

How to Adopt a Coach Mindset With Your Customers to Grow Your Business

Relegating customer success to a separate team of reps is short-sighted. Instead, you should work to implement a coaching model of relationship-building using these practices.

Chris Cardinal

4 Ways to Been Seen as Reliable and Authentic

Authenticity leads to trust. Trust leads to longevity. Longevity leads to a more robust bottom line.

How to Make Your Clients Love Working With You

Managing clients isn't about fast hookups. Aim for more long-term (and more profitable) pair bonding.

Jonathon Narvey

'What Stands In the Way Becomes the Way'

When you hit an obstacle that's out of your control, view it as a way to improve your business.

The Founders of Tinder and Twitter Knew That to Build Big Buzz, You Have to Start Small

How do you build a community around your company? Andreessen Horowitz investor Andrew Chen has a counterintuitive answer: Don't take it to the masses...yet.

Jason Feifer

Family Values Could Be the Missing Piece to Total Success in Business Today

When the value of family is at the foundation of everything you do, the business feeds its own growth. If you don't have family, what else is there really? We don't work our business for the sake of working. There must be a bigger reason.

This Platform Lets Businesses Personalize Their Bond With Customers

Spectrm offers businesses solutions to interact with and learn about their customers in a free and easy conversation.


5 Creative and Fun Relationship Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales Without Selling

Relationship marketing builds loyalty. Show customers that you care about the person and not just the purchase.