Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is 'Guilty.' But Your Black Employees Are Still Not Okay.

Here are three ways to support your employees of color throughout this traumatizing time.

Mandy Price

· 7 min read

Meghan McCain Slammed for Questioning 'Whether or Not Race and Gender Are More Important Than Qualifications'

'The View' host suggested that she would lose her gig if "identity politics" were in play.

Justin Chan

· 4 min read

Black Executive Declines Board Appointment After CEO Mistook Him for a Valet

Attorney Adonis Hoffman rescinded his bid to be a board member at broadcast company Tegna after CEO Dave Lougee allegedly handed him his valet ticket.

Derek Major

· 2 min read

Here's the No. 1 Question White Leaders Ask Me About Black History Month

Five steps you should take during Black History Month -- and all year long -- to show up for your Black colleagues.

Mita Mallick

· 5 min read

Every Leader Should Be an Ally: How To Implement Diversity and Inclusion in Your Business

Leaders must become allies to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in order for them to succeed. Here's how to overcome the challenges of implementing D, E and I in your organization.

Phil Bohlender

· 6 min read

Sarah Gleeson

· 4 min read