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Business News

Toyota Considers Electric Car Reboot Strategy to Compete With Tesla

The plan is still under review, but could result in a reworking of the automaker's $38 billion roll out plan announced last year.

New Products

Taco Bell Is Now Offering an EV Charge With That Chalupa

The restaurant chain plans to open electric vehicle charging stations at 100 Taco Bell locations.

Business News

'Alice,' the First All-Electric Passenger Plane Takes Its First Flight

Manufacturer Eviation Aircraft hopes to get electric aircrafts to customers by 2027.

News and Trends

Urban Sphere Raises INR 30 Lakh In Investments

This investment will be used to increase the company's operations across national and international grounds, all the while focusing on increasing their clientele for connected commercial four-wheeled vehicles

Growth Strategies

Electrifying the Highways: End of Dominance Of ICE-powered Public Transportation?

In the history of the nation, an electric bus left from Delhi in an attempt to cover the distance of approximately 280 kilometres to reach Jaipur


Chronicles Of EV-olution

9th September is recognized as World EV Day. Here are a few milestones that have shaped the sustainable mobility sector in India.

News and Trends

Electrifuel Raises INR 1.8 Crore From IAN

The fund raised will be utilized to hire top talents for multiple roles to expand its team while scaling up production

Growth Strategies

How 5G, IOT And AI Can Contribute Towards Optimizing the EV-logistics Sector in India

Beyond the policy push, today new-age technology is playing a huge role in redefining and revolutionizing various industries in our country, and the logistics industry is no exception


Technology Is Piloting the Transition From Linear To Circular Economy

Technology is driving transition from linear to circular economy in India with lifestyle changes and systematic choices to reduce negative externalities

News and Trends

EV Charging Startup goEgoNetwork Raises $8 Million

The fund will be utilized in developing and installing the fast DC charging station product line

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: Here's How Abu Dhabi-Based Heidron Energy Solutions Is Producing Lighter (And Cheaper) Batteries For Electric Vehicles

By offering Li-ion batteries made out of Silicon anodes, Abu Dhabi-based Heidron Energy Solutions is looking to create a less complex and much cheaper way to produce energy sources for electric vehicles.

Business News

This Vietnamese EV Maker Is Pouring Billions Into the U.S. Market and Could Rival Tesla

The EV company raised $4 billion for a North Carolina factory and plans to go worldwide.

News and Trends

Government To Launch Electric Vehicle Super App

The app aims to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles and ease range anxiety of end users

News and Trends

EV Startup EVIFY Raises $100,000 In Seed Funding

The fund raised will be used for the expansion of the company's operations, team building and technological development

News and Trends

Blue Circle Along With Log9 Materials And Hero Electric Hosts EVConIndia 2022

A whitepaper by Alvarez and Marsal launched in the conference stated that India needs to set up 46,000 EV charging stations to reach the global benchmark