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Electric Vehicle Production to Increase in EU

Europe is leading the way in the global embrace of the technology.

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Menlo Micro Raises $150 Million in Series C

Funds will be utilized to expand the company's domestic manufacturing and supply chain for its product, the ideal switch

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Paving the Way For Electric Mobility In Logistics

The math is not as simple as it seems, there are a few barriers in adoption of electric vehicles in logistics

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Three Wheels United, Euler Motors To Accelerate Electric Three-wheeler Adoption

The collaboration between the two EV proponents comes at a time when the EV space in India is rapidly expanding


The Venturesome Catalyst

The firm works with the founding teams on a deep involvement strategy and subject-matter experts as well as strategizes for product market fit: Pranav Pai, 3one4 Capital

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NHTSA Opens Preliminary Investigation Into Infotainment System in 580,000 Tesla Cars

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on Dec 22. that it has opened a formal investigation into Tesla over the safety of its front center touchscreen.

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Year That Holds Promise To Fundamentally Alter Mobility

The dynamic transformations in this space are organic and happen due to multiple key industry drivers


Trendsetter of Automotive Industry

I believe it is better to have a challenge than having no challenge, and with the increase in demands of our customers, it is a luxury challenge: President and Managing Director, Webasto

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Rivian Expanding With New Factory in Georgia

The Amazon-backed electric vehicle startup will invest $5 billion toward developing a carbon-conscious campus in Morgan and Walton Counties, located east of Atlanta.

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Elon Musk Responds to Tesla Competitor's Stellar IPO

Electric vehicle automaker Rivian achieved a market cap that makes it more valuable than the legacy automakers Ford and General Motors.


To Be Heard and To be Admired

When you are a Friend, Mentor, coach, Boss, and CEO in a New Economy


EV Enthusiast? Watch Out These 15 Startups

Here is a curated list of EV gigs that are making an impact

Starting a Business

Why Foreign Investors Should Invest in Indonesia's Electric Vehicle Market

Indonesia's electric vehicle sectors present a lucrative opportunity for foreign investors to set up a business.

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Electric Vehicles Will Usher in New Pennsylvania Regulations

The future of electric vehicles in Pennsylvania was the topic of several discussions at the statehouse Monday.